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Civil War and Recon.

Civil War and Reconstruction Study Guide

How long did the Battle of Gettysburg last? Three days
Who won the Battle of Gettysburg? The Union (North)
Describe total war and tell where it took place. A strategy General Sherman used to destroy the men's will to fight. His men marched from Atlanta to Savannah (GA) burning everything to the ground: homes, barns, fields. . .
Why did southern states secede from the Union? Southern states wanted to keep slavery and preserve (keep) states' rights.
What is states' rights? The belief that each state should make decisions about issues that concern the state.
Where were most cities located? In the North (urban).
Where did most Southerners live and how did they make a living? In rural areas. by farming.
In the ___________, it was becoming more popular to work in a _____________________. North, factory.
Who was president of the United States during the Civil War? Abraham Lincoln
Who was president of the Confederacy? Jefferson Davis
Who was the general for the Confederacy that led his troops in the Battle of Gettysburg? Robert E. Lee
Who was the general for the Confederacy that led troops in the Battle of Bull Run, telling his troops to stand like a "wall"? Stonewall Jackson
What was the battle that was the official start of the Civil War? Fort Sumter
13th Amendment Abolished slavery
14th Amendment Gave African Americans citizenship
15th Amendment Gave all men the right to vote.
What is the name of the place where the Confederates surrendered? Appomattox Court House, Virginia
What was the Freedman's Bureau? An organization that helped former slaves. This organization built schools and hospitals for African Americans in the south.
What were Jim Crow Laws? Laws that enforced segregation of blacks and whites.
What was the North's point of view on slavery? They did not approve of slavery.
Why did southerners want to preserve slavery? Slavery was PROFITABLE for the land owners because they did not pay the slaves for their work so they got to keep all the money for the sale of their crops.
What was an outcome from reconstruction? The 13th, 14th, 15th amendments.
What was sharecropping? Former slaves would rent the land and pay for it with a portion of the crops they grew.
What was Uncle Tom's Cabin and why was it important? It was a book that told about the cruelties of slavery. After reading the book, many more people supported abolitionists and the division between the north and south was deepened.
Who was the author of Uncle Tom's Cabin? Harriet Beecher Stow
What is sectionalism? To remain loyal to only a part of the country, not the whole country.
What was John Brown's Raid? He was an ABOLITIONIST and raided an arsenal to get weapons to kill slave owners.
Why and how was John Brown killed? He was caught raiding an arsenal and was hung.
Where was John Brown's Raid? Harper's Ferry, WVa.
What did John Brown's Raid do? It deepened the split between the north and south and a compromise was becoming harder to find.
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