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in mrs. hinch what type of conflict does the story reveal the story reveals man vs man because Jessie dark and Mrs. Hinch are playing a game to see if they say who they rely are.
in mrs. hinch who is the protagonist? antagonist protagonist is Jessie dark and antagonist is Mrs. Hinch
in mrs. hinch What is the 1st clue to the true identity of the old women when jessie said she visited the mother of john catherwood
in mrs. hinch how was the conflict resolved at every place Jessie left notes saying she was with hinch and they caught her
in mrs. hinch how does Harrison create suspense throughout the story? how does the suspense affect the conflict resolution? he creates suspense by not revealing the true identities of the characters. this affects the conflict resolution because Jessie dies and doesn't catch her.
though top man is fake what about it makes it seem real Ullman uses vivid words to describe the situation. he uses similes metaphors and realism to describe the setting and conflict
in top man Who is the central character? who opposes him Nace is central Osborn opposes him
in top man describe the conflicts in story man vs man Osborn vs Nace, man vs nature crew vs K3, and man vs self Osborn's will to continue
in top man how does each conflict resolve man vs man nace dies, man vs nature Osborn made it to the sumit. man vs self couldn't bare the guilt so he gave all credit to Osborn
in top man which is the dominant conflict why man vs man because Osborn and nace fight on how to climb the mountain the right way for almost all the story
in through the tunnel does the setting of the story help portray the conflict why yes because at the beginning at the story jerry was on the beach, safe, not risking death, and he knows where his mom is, but at the end he risks death, he isn't safe
in through the tunnel what colors does the author use to describe the mother yellow and orange its a speck of yellow under an umbrella that looked like a slice of orange peel
in through the tunnel what colors does the author use to describe the boys skin at the bay burnt smooth dark brown (black)
in though the tunnel what does the contrast in colors imply the colors imply that the mother is safe and the black kids are danger. the mother is on the beach not doing anything dangerous while the black kids are jumping off a rock into the water.
in through the tunnel how would you describe the relationship of jerry and the mom at the beginning and at the end in the beginning jerry is dependent on his mom and finds security in her and at the end he is less dependent on his mom and matures
in the dual who is the central character of the story ivan golubenko
in the dual who or what is the central character fighting against Guilt he fights against it because his mom is happy that he is friends with him and he knew that he was part of killing Vladimir
in the dual how is the dominant conflict resolved it is resolved by ivan golubenko running away from the mother out of guilt
in the dual what is the secondary conflict man vs man because Vladimir and the unknown guy were dueling
compare and contrast the conflicts with jerry and ivan they're the same because they fight with themselves, but jerry's conflict was about showing his independence from his mom and Ivan's conflict was about cowardness, and guilt he faces with the om
in through the tunnel what is a constant physical problem for the young boy? nose bleeds
in the duel why is the protagonist so uncomfortable when he goes to meet the older woman her son has died
why in the duel was the protagonist chosen to tell the older woman the news he and her son where friends
in the duel who won the duel the older man
what vocabulary term does top man use to describe the mountain and give it an ominous tone personification
what is the difference between atmosphere and setting atmosphere is the mood of the story and setting is the place date or year like 1800's
of which type is the main conflict in Mrs. Hinch and identify the participants man vs man and the participants is mrs. hinch and Jessie dark
what best describe the atmosphere of mrs. hinch tense, mysterious
how is the primary conflict of top man resolved nace dies and Osborn is saved
Does the character nace experience internal conflict yes because his friends died on the Mt. and he wants to avenge them
what is the main conflict in through the tunnel and how is it resolved main conflict is man vs self and it is resolved when jerry goes through the tunnel
how do the 2 main settings in Lessing's story create differing atmospheres and mirror the main conflict the 1st setting is safe and secure while the 2nd is dangerous and daring and they mirror the conflict because jerry comes from being dependent from his mom in the 1st setting to being almost independent from his mom
is the primary conflict of the duel internal or external internal
how would you describe the atmosphere of the duel stressful
given the way he resolves the main conflict, what does teleshov want to say that to not to run away from anything and do the task at hand
Mrs. Hinch has a great deal of foreshadowing true or false true
nace is the hero of top man true
Osborn's main problem in top man is that he doesn't really believe he's a good climber false
the narrator of the story thinks Osborn is too proud false
in through the tunnel jerry's mom lets him go to the beach because she doesn't want to baby him false
ivan golubenko is the villain of the duel false
Created by: tom15158
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