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US History Unit 1

Events and Consequences

Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions written one by Madison and one by Jefferson compact theory; written to nullify Alien and Sedition Acts; later used by southerners to support secession
Shay’s rebellion Mass farmer protest against higher state taxes. Rebellion put down by militia.
Treaty of Paris of 1783 It formally ended the revolutionary war between America and Britain
Yorktown Yorktown was the site where the Cornwallis surrendered after the American siege and the British were blocked at the sea
French involvement in Revolution supported with supplies and expertise. Turning point in war
Valley Forge Washington spent the winter 20 miles from Philadelphia at Valley Forge and there was much misery, but Baron Von Steuben whipped the colonists into shape
The Battle of Saratoga Battle took place in New York. British were outnumbered and were forced to surrender. Colonist victory was a turning point in the war because it inspired the French to help the colonists fight the British
The Battle of Saratoga Battle took place in New York. British were outnumbered and were forced to surrender. Colonist victory was a turning point in the war because it inspired the French to help the colonists fight the British
The Battles of Lexington and Concord initiated the Revolutionary War. Governor Gage sent troops Concord to stop the colonists loading arms. The next day, on April 19, 1775, the first shots were fired in Lexington, starting the war. The battles resulted in a British retreat to Boston
Boston Tea Party Was a reaction by the colonists of the British. The colonist disguised as Indians boarded a British ship and threw tea into the harbor
Boston Massacre An event that killed five Boston colonist by British troops. It was sparked by a colonial rebellion in result of British taxes and the British opened fire
Townshend Act of 1767 Persuaded Parliament to pass these regulations with an import duty on glass, while lead, paper and paint and tea. This was an indirect customs duty payable at American ports.
Stamp Act 1765 George Grenville imposed this measure to raise revenue in support of the new military force. The Stamp Act mandated the use of stamped paper or the affixing of stamps, certifying payment of the tax. -
Sugar Act 1764 First law passed by Parliament that raised tax revenues in the colonies for the crown. It increased duty on foreign sugar imported from the West Indies
Proclamation of 1763 Prohibited settling West of the Appalachians (avoid costly conflicts with native Americans)
French and Indian War War fought for control of eastern North America between Britain and France and their Indian allies from 1754-1763. Expensive war to protect colonies is ultimately a cause of the American Revolution
King Phillips war/ Chief Metacom Indian's unite at final chance to beat British, war ended in failure for Indians, Metacom was beheaded and drawn and quartered, his son and wife were sold into slavery, never a serious threat in New England again
Impact of Columbus voyage on Africans Because of decline in native population (disease) settlers looked to Africa for slaves. Decimated African communities especially West Africa where young and able bodied were taken. 12 million Africans
Impact of Columbus voyage on Native Americans Brought disease which native people had no immunity. Instituted culture of theft (land), forced labor and violent dominance
Consequences of Crusades opened Asian trade routes and weakened the power of European nobles
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