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Exploring America

Ch. 2 8th grade

What is a strait? A narrow sea passage
What are grants? Special privileges
What is a saga? traditional story
What is to impose? to place upon something or someone
What is a plantation? a large estate
What is the historical period of intellectual and artistic creativity? Renaissance
What did England, France and Netherlands hope to discover? northwest passage to Asia
What did the Portuguese trade for? gold and slaves
Where in present day did De Soto travel to? Oklahoma
Who is Hernan Cortes? conquered the Aztec Empire
Who is Mansa Musa? Mali's greatest king
Who is Montezuma? Aztec emperor
Who is Athualpa? Inca ruler captured by Pizarro
Who laid groundwork for a new era of exploration? Henry the Navigator
Who landed on the east coast of present day Mexico? Cortes
Who founded Quebec? Champlain
Who discovered the sea route to Asia? Vasco de Gama
Who was the first to sail around the world? Ferdinand Magellan
Who created the school of navigation? Henry the Navigator
Who explored the southernmost part of Africa? Barholomeu Dias
Who destroyed the Inca? Francisco Pizarro
Who was Marco Polo? an explorer and author
Who condemned the treatment of the Native Americans? Bartolome de Las Casa
What did the French want to establish in Americas? fishing and fur trading
What is encomienda? the right granted the the Spanish government that turned Native Americans into slaves
Who was Martin Luther? believed that faith rather then good deeds was the way to salvation
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