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AQA Environmet terms

Long and complicated terms

la pollution atmospherique atmospheric pollution
la croissance de le consommation increase in consumption
la circulation routiere, arienne, road and air
l'incinertation des ordures menageres incineration of household waste
des dechets industriels industrial waste
des chauffages des maisons heating of households
des fumes des centrales electriques emissions (smoke) from electrical power plants
les accidents de petroliers accidents from petrol tankers
des dechets industriels et agricoles, industrial and agricultural waste
d'egouts from sewers
des rejets de navires ou de naufrages rejection (dumping) from ships or shipwrecks
romper l'equilibre naturel de certaines ecosystemes to break the natural balance of certain eco systems
les canicules heatwaves
la fonte des calottes glaciaires melting of the ice caps
la secheresse drought
les inondations floods
la rapidite de la montee des temperatures the speed of rising temperatures
le rechauffement climatique planetaire climatic heating of the planet
une elevation moyenne du niveau des oceans the average elevation of the level of the oceans
Created by: Mrs. Agnew