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History chapter 15

lesson 4

John Brown's raid began when he and his men took over the arsenal in Harpers Ferry, Virginia, in hopes of starting a slave rebellion.
Who got hanged john brown due to his actions in his raid and mascare
John A. Copeland a fugitive slave, defended his actions.
John C. Breckinridge of Kentucky, who supported slavery in the territories. for southern demcrate
Stephen Douglas presidental canadate for northern demcrats
Constitutional Union Party recognized “no political principles other than the Con-stitution of the country, the Union of the states, and the enforcement of the laws.
John Bell presidental canadiate for constitional union party
Abe Lincoln presdidental canadiate for republicans/ won
South leaves the union starting with south carolina after lincolns election
John J. Crittenden of Kentucky proposed a series of constitutional amendments that he believed would satisfy the South by protecting slavery.
Confeterate states of america North and South Carolina Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas also seceded to form also called the Confederacy. Its new constitution guaranteed citizens the right to own slaves.
Jefferson Davis president for confredate states
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