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F&I War Test ?s

French & Indian War Test

Where (which state) does the French and Indian War start? Pennsylvania
Briefly explain the events that sparked the conflict in North America between France and Britain. Washington had French captives he surprised in the woods of Pennsylvania. A Native American traveling with Washington killed his prisoners. Washington was blamed for not being in “control” and the French declared war.
Why might Washington have said the French “cheated” at Fort Necessity? They hid behind trees and refused to fight the European style of marching in the open standing shoulder to shoulder.
Who is selected to serve as Braddock’s aid-to-camp for the assault on Fort Duquesne? George Washington
What was unusual about Braddock’s burial? Why was this done? He was buried in the road, to hide the grave.
How are Montcalm’s perceptions of his Native American allies different from previous French commanders in North America? He sees them as savages and not necessary for France to win against the British
Explain why most Native American tribes in North America have chosen to side with the French in this conflict. Why did they not want to be allied with the British? The French had chosen to live “among” the natives. They didn’t ask them to move, or clear land for farming like the English. French mostly treated them fair & peacefully, where English had many violent clashes with them since the colony at Jamestown.
Where do the French refugees from Acadia move to? What do we call this group of people today? The French colony of New Orleans, Cajuns
What occurs at Fort Oswego that shocks Montcalm? Why is this event significant? The Natives loot and scalp the fallen British. It only confirms for Montcalm that he has been right about the Natives being savage people. He vows the looting will never occur again.
Briefly describe one thing William Pitt does to swing the war in Britain’s favor? REASON 1 He send his best British generals to America.
Briefly describe one thing William Pitt does to swing the war in Britain’s favor? REASON 2 He tells the colonies that if they spend money on the war efforts, they will be reimbursed by England.
Briefly describe one thing William Pitt does to swing the war in Britain’s favor? REASON 3 He forces Britain to focus their war efforts on North America instead of Europe.
From what condition does the man in charge of war supplies to North America suffer from? Gambling addiction
In an act of desperation, what does Jeffrey Amherst do to battle the Native Americans during Pontiac’s War? He sends blankets laced with Small Pox to Native Americans
Outline the 3 points of the Treaty of Paris. (TOPIC 1) Britain gains Canada and all former French lands east of the Mississippi.
Outline the 3 points of the Treaty of Paris. (TOPIC 2) Spain gave up Florida to Britain
Outline the 3 points of the Treaty of Paris. (TOPIC 3) Spain gained New Orleans and former west French territories west of the Mississippi
Outline the 3 points of the Treaty of Paris. (TOPIC 4) France was permitted to keep only 2 islands in the gulf of St. Lawrence and their colonies in the West Indies.
Created by: irvinebr
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