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French & Indian War Terms Quiz

Proclamation of 1763 law forbidding English colonists to settle west of Appalachians
Acadia first permanent French colony located in present day Nova Scotia
Pittsburgh most contested (fought over) territory during the French & Indian War
Iroquois Native American tribe who remained neutral during much of the French & Indian War
Abatis Used in defensive military positions, fallen trees with sharpened spikes
Fort Duquesne Site of Braddock’s defeat; later renamed Fort Pitt
Albany Plan of Union Early attempt to unify the English colonies against the French
Fort Oswego site which convinced Montcalm that the Natives were too “savage”
Fort William Henry site where defeated British were attacked by Natives while in retreat
Fort Quebec Last fort lost by the French in the French & Indian War
Fort Necessity Fort constructed by Washington, surrendered on July 4th
Plains of Abraham site of last major battle of the French & Indian War
Pontiac’s War Native American attempt to defeat the British without their French allies
Treaty of Paris document which settled the terms of surrender
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