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History 1302 Exam 1

Chapters 15-19

What were the principal questions facing the nation at the end of the Civil War? How would the South's infrastructure be rebuilt? How would all of these Civil War veterans be cared for?
What was destroyed during the Civil War? Everything- infrastructures, cities, seaports, roads, lands, railroads, and town halls
What percent of men were killed in the war? 25%
What did the Freedmen's Bureau accomplish? When did it occur? Gave congressional support providing food, clothing and education for freed slaves, but did not grant them rights as landowners. Occurred in 1865
In what year did Lincoln announce his Reconstruction plans? 1863
Who succeeded Lincoln after his death? Andrew Johnson 1865-1869
What were the successions of the Reconstruction? Reunited the Union after 4 years, expanded the North and South's economy and helped the poor.
Failures of Reconstruction? Failed to resolve the issue of race, and political issues between the North and South
What were the black codes? Restricted blacks and former slaves from owning land; replicated slavery.
What did the 14th amendment do? When did this occur? African Americans were citizens and state could deny life, liberty or property. Occurred in 1868
Why was Johnson impeached? He violated the Tenure of Office Act
The 3 principal industries in the New South after the war were? Cotton, Iron and Tobacco
By 1880 how many miles of railroad tracks were built? 20,000
How much of the crop did sharecroppers receiver? About half
What's the difference between sharecroppers and tenants? Sharecroppers never made enough to get ahead and had to take care of maintenance of land/equipment. Tenants had their own equipment and draft animals and received a larger portion of the crops.
What were the negative effects of sharecropping? Exhausted soil, no care for the land, overuse of fertilizer
How many cotton mills were there in the south by 1880? 160
What were the white men's jobs vs. the black men's jobs? White men worked with machinery and black men were boilerstokers and yard men. Blacks were back up for strikers
By the end of 19th century the South was one of the most important sources for what in the world? Coal
Ulysses S. Grant treated his presidency as a? Military leader
Grant was involved in many scandals due to his? Poor judgement of character
What was the Panic of 1873? Economic depression during Grant's second term and led to the retirement of greenbacks and further undermined support of Reconstruction from the North. America's productivity fell 24%
Grant used the military to protect black voters from who? Ku Klux Klan
Grant was a proponent of the ____ (right to vote) and protected rights more than any other 19th century President. 15th Amendment
What was the Compromise of 1877? An attempt after civil war for no outbreak of violence. Hayes, the new President, would withdraw the last federal troops from South if the Democrats would abandon the filibuster.
What was the main difference between the new south and the old south? Large expansion of industry in the new south
What were the Jim Crow laws that took place during the 1890s? Required separate transportation, courtrooms, libraries, bathrooms, schools. Limited black voting due to poll taxes and literacy tests.
_____ tested the Jim Crow laws and created "separate but equal? racial facilities? Plessy vs. Ferguson
What was the Atlanta Compromise in 1895? Booker T Washington believed blacks should attend school and learn about agriculture or trade
Who were the Radical Republicans? Faction of the Republican Party who believed that the Civil War was meant to stop slavery and emancipate all slaves
Who is Thaddeus Stevens? Leader of the Radical Republicans who was devoted to punitive Reconstruction effort.
Created by: nataliegrant
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