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Chapter 4 Review

Great review for the Chapter 4 Test

What was the goal of the First Continental Congress? the state concerns of colonists to the king
What was drafted (written) during the First Continental Congress? the Declaration of Rights
What was the main issue debated during the Second Continental Congress? whether to seek a peaceful or violent solution
Which battle is considered the first battle of the Revolutionary War? Battle of Lexington
How would the opinions of delegates to the Second Continental Congress be best characterized? Delegates were far from unified but were open to compromise
Delegates to the Second Continental Congress decide to handle the British by creating what? the Continental Army
In Common Sense, Thomas Paine argued that laws should be made by who? citizens
What inspired many colonists to support independence from Britain? Thomas Paine's Common Sense
Who was the main author of the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
What were the colonists called who chose to side with the British during the war? Loyalists
Why was the idea of taxation without representation so important to the revolutionary cause? Colonists believed King George III had violated their rights by taxing them without their consent
Why did thousands of African American slaves sign on with the British Army? The British offered freedom to any slave who served in their army
Why did many Patriot leaders favor a defensive war? their supplies would last longer
Why was the Battle of Saratoga a turning point for the Patriots? the patriots gained the support of France and Spain
How was France's interest in the Revolution financially important? The French provided money once they believed the Patriots could win
Why was the winter at Valley Forge such a difficult time for the Continental Army? they lacked protection from the weather and supplies
Who prepared to lead the colonists against the British? George Washington
Whose side did most of the Native Americans side with during the war? the British
What battle was the turning point in the Revolutionary War? Battle of Saratoga
Where was the army at when the winter was so brutal and many patriots died during this time? Valley Forge
What were the British troops known as.....made them easy targets as they retreated from Boston? Red Coats
Created by: shawna_westbrook