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Carcino- Dacryo

carcino- crab-like
cardio- heart
carp/o wrist
cata- breakdown or down
cataract- waterfall or cloudiness
catarrh- to flow down
catheter/o- to let down in
caud/o- tail or toward tail
caust/o- burn or heat
cauter/o- to burn or to heat; cauterize
cav- hollow; cavity
cebo- meal or food; cebum- pertaining to meal or food
cec/o- blind pouch; cecopexy- dead end pouch or 1rst part of a colon
-cele swelling or tumor; laparocele- abdominal swelling
celio- abdomen or belly; celioma- belly tumor
cellul/o- chambers; cellulitis- infection of the chamber or body cells
cement/o- hard; cementum- refers to a hardening of the tooth root covering
-centesis surgical puncture to drain fluid; thoracocentesis- surgical punture to drain fluid from the chest
centi- one-hundreth part (100)
centr/i- center; centrifuge- spins around center
cephal/o- head; encephalitis- inflamation within the brain
-cept- receiver; chemoceptor- chemical or drug receiver
cereb/o- brain; cerebrial- refers to the brain
ceru- wax; cerumenous- having wax in the ear
cervi- neck; cervical- refers to the vertebrae in the neck
chalaz/io- hailstone; Chalazio- tumor that is small and hailstone on the eyelid.
chancro- ulcer (sore); chancroid- ulcer caused by syphilis
cheil/o- lip; cheiloma- tumor on the lip
chiro- hand; chiropractor- one who practices with their hand
chlor/o- green; chloremia- green pigments in the blood
cholangio- bile duct; cholangio- inflamation of the bile duct
chole- bile or gall
cholecyst/o- gallbladder; cholecystectomy- removing the gallbladder
choledocho- gallbladder duct (canal)- choledochectomy- duct removed from the liver and gallbladder
cholera bilary acute diarrhea; cholera- the excessive diarrhea causes dehydration and death
chondr/o- cartilage; chondroma- tumor made of cartilage
chrom/o- colored; chromosome- colored body
chyme- juice; achymia- not enough inestinal juices
-cicatrix scar; brachiocicatrix- scar on the arm
-cid to kill; suicidal- to kill oneself
cil/i- eyelash-like; cilia- eyelash-like structures on the lining of the lungs
cine/o- movement filming; cineangiocardiography- filming the movement of heart vessel
circum- around; circumflex- bend around
cirrho- yellow-orange; cirrhosis- yellow-orange condition caused by infection of the liver
-cis cut or to cut; incision- cut into something
-clast breakdown; osteoclast- breakdown of the bone cells
calviculo- collarbone; infraclavicular- beneath the collarbone
cleido- clavicle or collarbone
clino- bent; clinodactylia- bent finger or toe
-clysis irrigation or injection; hydroclysis- injection of water
co- two
coagul/o- clotting or to clot; coagulation
-cocuss berry; staphylococcus- berry shaped bacteria
coccyg/o- tailbone; coccygeal- refering to the tail bone
cochle/o- snail-like; cochlear- pertaining to lower snail-like part of the ear
col/o- colon (big or large intestine)
colpo- vagina; colpitis- inflamtion of the vagina
com- together; communicate
camato- deep sleep; comatose
concuss/i- violent shaking; concussion- brain injury caused by violent shaking of the brain
condylo- knuckle; condyloma- tumors on the knuckle
coni/o- dust; pneumoconiosis- conditon with dust in the lungs
-conis cone-shaped; kertoconis- having a cone-shaped cornea
conjunctiv/o- joined together; conjuctivitis- inflamation that caused the membrane on the eye and the bakc of the eyelid to join together
conta- against; contraception
contusi- bruise; contusion
convolo- to roll together; convolution- pertaining to rolling together
cord- vocal chords or cord
cori/o- skin; corium- refering to skin
corne/o- cornea or horn shape; corneitis
cornu- horn or honry
coron/o- crowning; coronary- refering to the crowning hear blood vessel
coronal plane- crowning or frontal body; coronal
corp/o- body; corpus
cortic/o- bark, outer bark, rind, cortex
costo- rib; costal- refering to a rib
crani/o- skull
-creas fleshy or flesh; pancreas- all fleshy organ
crenat/o- notched; crenation- iregularly notched blood cells
-crine secrete; endocrine- secretes within the blood
-crit separate; hematocrit- something that seperates the blood
cruc/i- cross or cross-like; crucio- causing pain like when Jesus was strapped to the cross
cryo- cold; cryotherapy
crypto- hidden; cyptorchidism- hidden testicle
cub/o- cube or cube-shaped; cuboid- cube or cube like shape
cubito- elbow; cubital- elbow region
culd/o- blind pouch
-cule; little; molecule- little mass
currett/o- scooping or scraping; curettage- scooping out the uterus, also called an abortion
cusis- hearing; ancusis- without hearing
cusp/i- pointed; cuspid- referring to the pointed flaps of heart valves
cuti/o, cut-, cuti- skin; cuticle
cyano blue
cycl/o- circle; cyclic
-cyesis pegnancy; multicyesis- many preganancies
cyst/o- bladder or sac; cystitis- inflamation of the bladder or sac
cyte- cell or chamber; cytology- studying cells
-cytosis increas in numbers; luecocytosis- WBC count increases
dacryo- tear; dacrydoctitis- inflamation of the tear duct
Created by: kccroy
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