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Mr. Adams midterm ex

U.S. history exam

What are the 13 colonies? Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.
Who founded Pennslyvania? And why was it founded? William Penn; Profit from land sales and religious and political freedom.
Who founded Georgia? Why was it founded? James Oglethorpe; Profit, Buffer against Spanish Flordia., and a home for debtors.
Who founded Massachusetts? Why was this colony founded? William Bradford and John Winthrop; Religious freedom
What was Jamestown's government type? What was it called? Representative Government; House of Burgess
What was the first European permanent settlement? St. Augustine
What is a conquistador? A soldier-adventurer
Hernando Cortes did what? Sailed from Cuba to Mexico. Collected people who were conquered by the Aztecs to be part of their army. Conquered the Aztecs Transformed Technoctilan into Mexico City
Mercantilism is what? A system held in colonies to make the home country wealthy and powerful
What was the Northwest Passage? A sea route from the Atlantic to the Pacific that passed through or around North America.
Who was Henry Hudson? Made four voyages to North America in search of the Northwest passage. The Hudson river is named after him.
How many people signed the Mayflower Compact? 41 men
What is a charter? A document issued by the king to form a new colony.
What is a pilgrim? A person who makes a religious journey
Representative government is? The form of government in which people elect leaders to vote for them.
Who is Squanto? An English-speaking Indian who taught the pilgrims to grow crops in the sandy soil of Plymouth.
Who is John Smith? The strict ruler of Jamestown. He was sent out from London to rule. He came up with new, tough rules. "He who not works not, eats not" Under his rule, Jamestown thrived. He was injured in an explosion and returned to England.
Who is John Winthrop? A respected landowner and lawyer who led the Puritans.
What was toleration? Recognition that other people have the right to different opinions.
Roger Williams? A minister in Salem . Believed Puritians should split from the Church of England Criticized people who seized Native American land. Forced to leave in 1635 Founded Providence, Rhode Island
Anne Hutchinson? Questioned Puritan teachings. Put on trial and expelled from Massachusetts Established a settlement in Rhode island.
Thomas Hooker? A minister who disagreed with Puritan leaders. Left Massachusetts with 100 followers Settled in Connecticut Founded Hartford
John Wheelwright? Forced to leave Massachusetts Agreed with Anne Hutchinson Him + followers founded External. New Hampshire became a separate colony
Metacom? AKA King Philip Started a war Uprising ended when King Phillip was captured and killed This left English free to expand
Christopher Columbus? Man credited to the discovery of the New World. He thought sailing west would take him to Asia. Accidentally stumbled upon America. Portugal refused to support his voyage. Spanish leaders Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand supported him.
Vasco Nunez de Balboa? Spanish colonist who explored the Carribean Coast of what is now Panama. First European to see Pacific Ocean.
Ferdinand Magellan? Portuguese explorer who continued to search for the Atlantic-Pacific passage in 1519.
What is a strait? A narrow passage that connects two large bodies of water.
What is circumnavigate mean? Travel completely around
Who were the first people to circumnavigate the globe? The remaining 18 crew members from Magellan's crew.
Created by: Delilah_Khadaroo