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Chapter1;lessons 2-3

Idaho Adventure where in the world are we and natural features

What do we call the study of Earth's land, water,plants,animals, and natural resources? Geography
What do we call large land regions with oceans on many sides? Continents
Name the country to the north of Idaho. Canada
Name the country to the south of the United States. Mexico
What do we call the main line of latitude? The equator
What is the Prime Meridian? The main line of longitude running from the North Pole to the South Pole.
What is a hemisphere? Half of a sphere.
What imaginary line divides the Earth into the Northern and Southern hemispheres? the equator
What imaginary line divides the Earth into Eastern and Western hemispheres? The Prime Meridian
What are Cardinal directions? North, East, South and West as shown on a map or compass.
What do we call the directions that are halfway between North and East, or North and West, for example? Intermediate directions.
What are natural features? Things found in nature, not manmade, like wildflowers, lakes, forests, wild animals, and the land.
What are landforms? Natural features of the Earth's surface like mountains, valleys, canyons, lakes, and rivers.
What is climate? The weather of a place over a long period of time.
What do we call a smaller river that flows into a large river? A tributary.
The Big Lost River and Little Lost River disappear as they sink under rock. Where do they reappear? Thousand Springs.
What do we call a layer of Earth, gravel, or stone that holds water underground? An aquifer.
What do we call water underground that is very hot? Geothermal heat.
How many natural lakes can be found in Idaho? More than 2,000.
Name the largest valley in Idaho. The Snake River Valley.
Name the deepest lake in Idaho. Lake Pend Oreille.
In what geographic location in Idaho does more than half of the state's population live? The Snake River Valley.
What is the name of the tallest mountain RANGE in Idaho? The Lost River Range
How tall is the tallest mountain in Idaho? 12,662 feet above sea level.
Name the tallest mountain in Idaho. Mount Borah.
How much of Idaho is covered by mountains? Almost half
Which mountain range towers above Hells Canyon? Seven Devils Range
In which mountain range can you ski at Sun Valley? Sawtooth Mountain Range
Which Idaho mountain range is the longest? Bitterroot Mountain Range
Which mountain range forms part of Idaho's eastern border with Montana? Bitterroot Mountain Range
Because of a 1963 earthquake, which Idaho mountain rose 7 inches higher? Mount Borah
For whom is Mount Borah named? William Borah
In which mountain range is Stanley Basin? Sawtooth Mountain Range
Name the explorer who made the first maps of The Craters Of the Moon. Robert Limbert
Which river runs through Hells Canyon? the Snake River
Which river is nicknamed "The river of No Return"? The Salmon river
Who wrote about the Craters of the Moon in the 1920s for National Geographic? Robert Limbert
How many regions are there in Idaho? 7
What do we call an area that is made up of places that have things in common? A region
Which Idaho region has the highest population? the Southwest Region
In which region does the Snake River enter Idaho? the Eastern Region
In which region is the city that is nicknamed "The Potato Capital of the World"? The Southeastern Region
Which city was given the nickname "The Potato Capital of the World"? Pocatello
What do we call things found in nature that people use? Natural resources
When we study geography, what 5 things are we studying? Land, Animals, Plants, Water, Natural Resources
What is the nickname of Shoshone Falls? The Niagara of the West
Created by: historyB
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