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Europe Looks Outward

Who were the earliest people from Europe and Asia to arrive in the Americas? Vikings
What were the 3 ship's names that Columbus led on his voyage west? Nina, Pinta & Santa Maria
What was the first Spanish colony established in the Americas by Columbus? Hispaniola
What did Columbus promise to Queen Isabella? he could convert the Indians to Christianity and enslave them
What nearly wiped out the Native Americans? diseases and slavery
What countries did Columbus conquer for Spain? Puerto Rico, Jamaica & Cuba
Why were the Aztecs easily defeated by the Spanish? they didn't have guns, swords, cannons or armor
Who challenged the teachings of the Catholic Church? Martin Luther
What was Martin Luther's movement called? the Protestant Reformation
What did the Dutch purchase from the Native Americans? Manhattan Island
What is a colony? A territory under the immediate political control of a distant country
What is the turning point? A moment in history that marks an important change in history
What does circumnavigate mean? To sail completely around the world
What is the Colombian Exchange? A global exchange of goods and ideas
What is a conquistador? A conqueror
What is a pueblo? A small town
What were missions? Religious settlements
What was a plantation? A large estate farmed by many workers
What is an alliance? An agreement between parties that benefits both parties
What is merchantilism? It stated that colonies existed to make the home country wealthy and powerful
Who is Lief Erickson? He settled in a town named Vinland
What did King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella do? They paid for Christopher Columbus' voyage
Who was Vasco Nunez Balboa? He claimed the Pacific Ocean for Spain
Who was Ferdinand Magellan? He discovered the 1st all water route to Asia
Who was Herando Cortes? He defeated the Aztecs & destroyed their city
Who was Francisco Pizarro? He conquered the Incas
Who was Ponce De Leon? He discovered Florida
Who was Herando De Soto? He discovered the waters of the Mississippi River
Who were the Penisulares? The rulers of the colonies
Who were the Creoles? The wealthy, educated Spanish people
Who were the Mestizos? They were the farmers
Who was John Cabot? He discovered Newfoundland
Who was Giovanni Verrazano? He discovered the Carolina's
Who was Henry Hudson? He discovered the New York Harbor
Who was Jacques Cartier? He discovered Canada
Created by: ndmsteach