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North america tribes

Caddo -Lived in the coastal plains -Grew corn beans and squash -Hunted and fished -Settled Villages -Cone shaped homes -Traded pottery and bowles -Most advanced tribe in texas -Many diffrent tribes formed a caddo confeddracy -Southeastern tribes
Wichita -Lived in the north central plains -Lived in round houses at times an tipis when following buffalo -southeastern tribes
Atakapan -Coastal plains near the gulf -Grew corn -Hunted deer fished -Lived in villages -Made dogout canoes -Southeastern tribes
Southeastern tribes Caddo,Wichita,and the Atakapan lived in the coastail plains and north central plains.
Westurn gulf tribes Krankankawa and Coahuitecan lived in coastal plains
Karankawa -Fished in coastal bays -Hunted and gatherd inland -Nomadic -Average height 6 feet tall -Made dogout canous -Ritualistic cannabals -Western gulf tribes
Coahuitecan -Harsh environments -Lived in small bands -Nomadic -Relied on plants such as misquit and cactus -Ate worms snakes lizard and deer -Western gulf tribes
Puebloan tribes Tigua,Jumano and the Concho lived in the mountains and basins
Tigua -LIved in adobe pueblos -Mountains and basins region -Grew corn beans and squash -Came from new mexico /w Spanish -Blended catholicism /w own religion -Puebloan tribes
Jumano -Mountains and basins region -Lived near rivers for farming -Adobe pueblos -Traded corn to plains indians for animal hide and meat -Forced to move by the Apachas in the late 1600's -Puebloan tribes
Concho -Mountains and basinsb region -Huts coverd with grassor skins -Women-farmed and gatherd -Men-hunted and fished
Plains tribes Kiowa, Comache, Apache and the Tonkawa
Kiowa -came to texas in the early 1800 -allies with the comache -sundance to bring good fortune - nomadic -hunters and warriors
Comache -came to Texas in the late 1700 - skilled hunters riders and fighters -organized in bands -comache means enemy in the apache language -pushed other tribes off thier land -horse was thier most important tool -skalped thier victums to show bravery
Apache - came to Texas in the late 1500 -mountains and basins region - rode horses - nomadic - lived in bands buffalo hunters and warriors -livid in tipis
Tonkawa -pushed east by the comache and apaches -nomadic -hunters and warriors -ritualistic cannabals
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