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notes for final exam.

How long is film left in the fixer? 10 min
What is Dx Coding? barcode on film that allows some automatic cameras to set film speed.
When should you use a bounce flash? to eliminate red eye.
How is the best way to shoot portrait photograph? vertically
What is the difference in panchromatic and orthochromatic film? pancro has a higher sensitivity
If there is high background light, where should the light meter reading be taken place? Next to the subject lights.
What is meant by stopping down the lens? reducing amount of light that reaches the print.
What are film speeds for color films? 100, 200, 400
What is meant by push process? developing for a longer time.
What should you do with your film when going through an X-ray machine? don't let it get x-rayed
What are the three types of filters? Correct, contast, haze
How does ASA relate to lighting? more sensitive to light.
What is the ASA of the film we use. film speed.
What kind of black and white film do we use? Tri-x or T-max
What are some ways to crop a photograph? overenlarging using cropping or cutting
What is meant by cropping a photograph? Reducing size
What is burning ina photograph? adding light to an area to make it darker.
What is dodging a photograph? eliminating the light to an area that is too dark.
What is the purpose of a contact sheet? to prove those are yuor pictures
What is zone focus and what is it good for? focusing an area and waiting for action
What is a normal lens? 500mm
What is the advantage of lens inter-changability? you can zoom farther.
What size telephoto lens is considered: short range, medium range, long range? shorter- under 70, Medium- 70- 200, long- over 200
Define focal legnth? Distance end lens to Focal point.
Define Focal point? Rays of light meet
who was a famous war photographer? mathew Brady
What did Schulze use to stop the images from getting dark and fading away? amonia
what did Herchell invent? Fixer
What did he believe casued images to get dark? silver and nutric acid
`What did schulze ocmbine in early photography? chalk and nutric acid
What happens to the focus as the hole int he lens gets smaller? the sharper the image.
Who is the father of american photography? Samuel Morse
Who invented roll film? George Eastman
What is the basis of photography? light
What was the original colst to develope and reload a Kodak camera? 10 dollars
What magazine is famous for documentary photography? Life Magazine
What happens if the developer is not fresh? you have to develope for a much longer time.
How does bright or dim sunlight affect contrast? higher contrast, lower contrast
what is total range? range of all grays in a print.
What are the two methods to develope film? closed tank, open trey chem
Define Photography? art of capturinga moment on film.
How is a camera compared to the human eye? shows what you look at
what is the major difference between the eye and the camera? the camera can zoom.
Over Exposere too much light
What are features of a basic camera? light tight box, shutter, aperture, trigger, viewfinder, winding mechanism
How does a twin lens reflex camera focus? larger roll film
What does the B stand for? Bold
How do the shutterspeed and f-stop compare? higher f-stop or shutterspeed the less light reaches film.
Created by: simplyglowing08r
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