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Us History unit 2

Us History

Central pacific railroad ran east from Cali
union pacific railroad ran west from Iowa
standard gauge used for tracks on continental railroads
bureau of Indian affairs administered Indian policy during peace time
Bozeman trail site of the fetterman massacre
promontory point site of the completiton of 1st railroad track
homestead act provided opportunities for settlers to buy land
wounded knee last armed Indian
black hills sacred site to the Sioux
hatch act provided money for establishing agricultural
secretary of agriculture policy as a member of president cabinet
smith lever act agricultural extension services
andrew Carnegie large shared of steel industry
chief Joseph nez perce leader who declared "no more fight"
colonel John chivington shameful massacre at sand creek
crazy horse bayoneted while resisting incarceration
John d Rockefeller controlled the oil industry
the fifty miners came to gold rush in ____ colorado
standard gauge 4 feet 8 1/2 inches
Great Plains was once called ____ great American desert
people in ____ desired a railroad to connect with east states Cali
many mining laws came from ______ mining town regulations
hard rock mines were operated by mining corporations
_________ indian tribes were more suspetible to the diease of whites stationanry
the government ended attacks on the bozeman trail by putting the _______ on reservation sioux
for each mile of track laid, railroad could recieve ______ low intrest loans
_______, silver, and other minerals led to the mining boom in colorado gold
the most important crop in the northern great plains became ____ wheat
the killing of bison led to change in ______ of the plains normadic character
asian immigration was slowed by immigration acts beginning in 1882
steel was the prefferd metal for making ___- railroads tracks
iron was the preffered metal for making _____ localmotives boilers
the ______ was the most involved indian tribe in the great sioux indian wqar cheyenne
the ______ ruled against the united states regarding the property rights of the black hills supreme court
the religious ceremony practiced by the ____ was callled the ghost dance sioux
women and _____ were hired for factory work because they could be paid a lower wage than men children
_________ is the situatuion that exixsts when a government exerises minimal control of buisniness free enterprise
______ is the bulding of the buisness and enterprise by private investors capatalism
3 distinct federal policies toward indians eraction relocation assimilation
three nations sent large numbers of immigranst to us england france holland
3 techiques improved agricultre pest control diese control grain productions
3 important implements sulky plow grain drill twine binder
Created by: lindafloresxo
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