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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Vocabulary

caravel a small, fast ship with special sails that enabled it to sail into wind and travel in rough seas.
astrolabe a tool once used by sailors to figure out where they were by using the position of stars.
convert to change someone’s beliefs to agree with yours.
claim to say that something belongs to you.
expedition a journey made for a special reason.
colony a settlement ruled by another country.
conquistador Spanish for “conqueror”; an explorer and soldier.
slave a person owned by another person and forced to work for no pay.
resist to act against.
raid a surprise attack.
persidio a fort.
permanent lasting.
sea dog a commander of English warships.
coquina a soft yellow limestone that forms when coral and broken shells are pressed together underground.
quarry an open mine.
moat a deep ditch filled with water that surrounds a fort or castle.
governor the leader of a colony or state.
service something that someone does for others for pay.
import a good brought into one country or place from another, often to be sold.
export a good shipped from one country or place to another, usually to be sold.
militia a military unit.
mission a religious settlement.
missionary a person who teaches his or her religion.
camino real Spanish for “royal road”; a well-traveled road that connected the Spanish missions in Florida.
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