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Chapter 2 Review

person born in the Americas to Spanish parents creole
person of mixed Spanish and Indian background mestizo
religious settlement founded to convert Native Americans to Christianity mission
Group of people who settle in a distant land but are still ruled by the government of their native land colony
the right to demand labor or taxes from Native Americans encomienda
fort that housed Spanish soldiers in the Americas presidio
large estate farmed by many workers plantation
What was one effect of the failure to find a northwest passage to Asia? European nations made use of North American resources
which factors of European settlement and influence on North America brought major changes to Native Americans? Diseases, Overtrapping, and traded goods including guns and alcohol
the major source of wealth that attracted people to New France was? fur trapping and trading
In New France the coureurs de bois? lived largely free of government control, didn't try to conquer Indian lands, and made more money trapping than farming.
The Laws of Indies provided for all of the following EXCEPT How pueblos should be set up
How did the voyages of Christopher Columbus differ from earlier voyages to the Americas? His voyages led to trade between the eastern and western hemispheres
Which list shows the order of society in New Spain from top to bottom? Peninsulares, Creoles, Mestizos, and Indians
Western European nations sent explorers in search of a northwest passage to find direct water route through north America to Asia
Which is the oldest town in the united states first settled by the Spanish St. Augustine
What was the conquistadors' biggest advantage in defeating the Aztec and the Inca? steel armor and weapons
Spain's actions against England's Queen Elizabeth 1 show that its religious allegiance was to the Catholic Church
Why was King Philip 2 shocked by the defeat of the Spanish Armada? His fleet had almost there times as many ships as the English
For which country did Jacques Cartier claim land during his two trips to Canada in 1534 and 1535? France
What were the three kinds of settlements in New Spain? Pueblos, presidios, and missions
The Spanish borderlands were located from present-day Florida to present-day California
Bartolome de Las Casas proposed that Spanish colonist bring African slaves to the Americas because he thought they would be resistant to European Diseases
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