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European Explorers

Purpose, Sponsors, Areas Explored, Accomplishments...

In what year did Christopher Columbus make his voyage to look for a new route to the Indies? 1492
What country sponsored Christopher Columbus's expedition? Spain
What obstacles did Christopher Columbus and his crew members face on their expedition? No maps, frightened crew members, ship wrecks and did not find gold
Christopher Columbus thought his expedition landed in the West Indies, but in actuality he landed on what islands? Caribbean Islands
What accomplishments do we credit Christopher Columbus's explorations? Given credit for discovering America, opened a path for further explorations in the 'New World"
What country sponsored John Cabot's search for the Northwest Passage? England
What did John Cabot accomplish with his exploration of North America? Founded Newfoundland, discovered a lot of fish
What obstacles did John Cabot encounter on his expeditions? No maps, rough waters, not enough supplies
What country sponsored Vasco Nunez de Balboa's search for new land, gold and glory (fame)? Spain
What areas were explored by Balboa on his expeditions? Central and South America
What did Balboa accomplish on his expeditions to Central and South America? He was the 1st known European to reach the eastern part of the Pacific Ocean, going over what is now called the Panama Canal
What obstacles did Vasco Nunez de Balboa encounter during his explorations? Personal debts, rough terrain over land passage, accused of treason
In 1513, what country sponsored Juan Ponce de Leon's expeditions to find the "Fountain of Youth" and gold! Spain
What land areas did Ponce de Leon explore during his expeditions? Florida and Puerto Rico
Name some obstacles that Ponce de Leon faced during his journeys. Unfriendly Natives, never found the "Fountain of Youth"
In 1534, what country sponsored an expedition by Frenchman, Jacques (Jack) Cartier, to search for the Northwest Passage and gold? France
What areas were explored by Cartier during his expeditions? Canada, St. Lawrence River
What obstacles did Jacques Cartier face during his travels? Scurvy, blizzards, too few sailors
What accomplishments do we give credit to Cartier's explorations? Finding the St. Lawrence River, claimed land for France, traded goods with Natives
In 1610, what 2 countries sponsored Henry Hudson's explorations into the North Pole and North American in efforts to search for the Northwest Passage? England and Holland
Henry Hudson's expeditions are known for what accomplishments? Discovering the Hudson Bay, Hudson River, and Hudson Straight
What obstacles did Henry Hudson run into during his expeditions? Mutiny, icy waters, frost bite, lack of food and scurvy
Created by: cseckinger