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History 13 Colonies

Who is the driving force that gave money and permission to Sir Walter Raleigh to establish a colony in the new world? Queen Elizabeth
Who was the first person to establish a colony in the new world? Sir Walter Raleigh
Who was the first colony named after and why? And what was the name of the colony? Queen Elizabeth 1 in honor of the "Virgin Queen" ; Virginia
Why did the colonist return to England after the 1st attempt to colonize in Roanoke, Virginia? Because they had a difficult winter with disease and little food.
What was the second attempt like to colonize in Roanoke, Virginia? Sir Walter Raleigh sent a second group including women and children to Roanoke to Virginia.
Who was the leader in the second attempt to colonize in Roanoke, Virginia? John White
What bad things happen to the settlers on the second attempt to colonize in Roanoke, Virginia? The colonist fought with neighboring Indians, ra desperately short of food and supplies, and battled disease.
What happened when all the bad things happened to second attempters of colonizing in Roanoke, Virginia. John White sailed back to England to recruit more settlers and bring food and supplies back.
What happened to John White when he returned to England. His trip back to Virginia was delayed by three years because of the was with Spain.
When John White was able to come back England after the war what did he see at the settlement in Roanoke, Virginia? All the colonist were gone and had disappeared without a trace.
Why did a group of merchants in England want to go to Jamestown, Virginia? They wanted to mine gold, silver, and copper
How many passengers were there on how many ships of the voyage of the England merchants? And how many were not killed by disease or famine? 105 passengers on 3 ships. ; 32 were not killed
Who was elected president of the council for Jamestown? Captain John Smith
What did Smith imply on Jamestown? A "no work - no food" program
What happened to John Smith that made him return to England and leave Jamestown? He was injured and had to go back to England for treatment.
What happened to Jamestown without Smith in the winter? Disease and starvation hit the settlement hard.
How many survived the winter in Jamestown when John Smith was gone? 62 out of the 500 colonist
What was the First Permanent English Colony in America? Jamestown
What did John Rolfe introduce to the New World Tobacco
Who brought the first group of African slaves to Jamestown? A Durch frigate
Who led about 900 people to Massachusetts Bay (Boston)? John Winthrop
Who journeyed to Massachusetts? The Puritans
Why did Connecticut form? Thomas Hook didn't like the way the Puritan leaders governed the colony of Massachusetts
What was the first written constitution in America? Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
Why was Rhode Island formed? Another Puritan minister, Roger Williams disagreed with the Puritan persecution of non-Puritans
What was the first colony in America where people could worship freely? Rhode Island
Who were the two founders of New Hampshire Sir Ferdinando Gorges and John Mason
Created by: kkmcleod
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