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Unit 1 Vocabulary

Chapter 1,2, and 3

Sunbelt a group of states that stretches from the east coast
regions area similar in the the terms of landscape
coastal plain is the southern most region in GA
fall line belts of hills about 20 miles wide
piedmount region of hilly plateau stretches north and base
appalachian mountains a larger mountains range that stretches northward from central alamba from canda
Blue ridge the easternmost range of the appalachian mountain
valley and ridge regions parts of the appalachian mountain
Appalachian plateau GA smallest geographic region
artifact an object made modified or use by humans in the past contributes to earlier culture
pre-historic relating to the time before written history
paleo Indians first Americans who crossed from Asia into north american
agriculture cultivating the soil to produce crops
culture common values and traditions of society
archaic peroid peroid of history after the ice age
woodland peroid peroid of history after the archaic peroid
renaisssance a european civilzation from 1300-1600
conquistador a spanish soilder and explorer who is led military expeditions
gulf stream a powerful ocean current that flows the gulf of mexico
mercantilism economic theroy in which the goverment control trade and establishes colonies
joint-stack a business formed by a group of people who jointly make an investiment
charter a contract issued by a goverment the right to establish a colony
monoplay complete control over the entire supply of goods or a service
relative location a point or place in relation to another point or place
absoulte location describes the location of a based on a fix point of earh
hemisphere half of the globe
equator a line that that go around the earth equally distant from both poles
parallels a circle on the earth surface
prime meridan a meridan it longitude is east and west
meridians a circle of the earth passing throught poles
latitube the distant north and south from the eqautor
longitude the distant east or west from the earth surface
compass rose a circle graduated to degrees or quarters
scale system of marks set for measurement chart, a scale indicates the proportion
goods food and clothing and other human wants or needs
service the action of helping or doing work for someone.
imports bringing good to a country or person for sale
export selling good or service to a country
climate weather over a long peroid of time
weather state of atmosphere at a place and time
paleo the first people how inhabited america
Archanic introcueded new hunting tool for a new way of life
Woodland a prehistoric culture culture that was significantly
Mississippian was a mound-building Native American civilization that lives in what is now the Midwestern
Archaeologist study of remains
monarchy A monarchy is a form of government in which sovereignty
Antiquities object or building from the past
Horticultre the art of garden and management
clover points Clovis points are the fluted points with the North American Clovis culture.
mounds a ancient structure used to show show may things
palisade a high fence made by stakes to protect a building or structure
woolly mammoth a heavy coated mammoth
barter economy cashless economic system
maize corn
bow and arrows projectile weapon system
projectile point object that weapon could be pojectile
colonization to establish a colony
Spanish mission style of catholic missions in america
barrier islands sandy island near a shore
influence to change or affect someone
small pox causes fever and rash
catholicism Roman catholic religion
new world america
prehistoric very old
shale a rock that splits easy
tribe a group of people that have the same beliefs,language,and customs
clan large group of people how are related
mercantilism an economic system developing during the decay
sherds potsherd
nomads people who move place from place
effigy an image of a person
atlatl throwing spear
chierfdom A chiefdom is a form of hierarchical political organization
beringa The prehistoric region extending from Siberia across the Bering land bridge into North America.
middens A mound or deposit containing shells, animal bones, and shows the site of human life
moat a ditch filled in water use for protection
poduim a small platform on which a person may stand to be seen by an audience
mastodon a large, extinct, elephant like mammal
pottery molded and used for many different things
oral tradition information passed down through the generations by word of mouth that is not written down
wattle and daub traditionally used in building walls, consisting of a network stick and twigs covered with mud or clay.
mound builder were inhabitants of North America who, during a 5,000-year period, constructed various styles of earthen
mercantilism belief in the benefits of profitable trading
expedition a journey or voyage undertaken by a group of people
guale-sea island Guale was an historic Native American chiefdom
fur trade is a worldwide industry dealing in the acquisition and sale of animal fur
conquistor Spanish soilder
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