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Reservations Land owned by Native Americans which is recognized by the government
Comstock Lode A rich vein of silver found in Virginia Mountains of western Nevada. This quickly became a boom town which eventually dried up when the source of silver ran dry
Pike's Peak A mountain peak in the Rockies where gold and silver were discovered leading to gold and silver rushes
Great Plains A large amount of flat land that is too dry for a forest, but too wet to be considered a desert) west of the Mississippi River and east of the Rocky Mountains in the United States
Wounded Knee Massacre On December 29, 1890 a struggle over a gun led to a shot being fired, which caused the 7th Cavalry to start shooting resulting in 300 people being killed. Women, children, men, and soldiers died at Wounded Knee
Salt Lake Valley The valley in Utah where the Mormons first settled to practice their religion safely
Promontory Point, Utah The place where Union Pacific Rail Road tracks connected to the Central Pacific tracks
Indian Wars A term used to describe a series of conflicts occurring from the first European settlers to around the 1890's.
Gold Rush A period of time, when thousands of people came to California in order to search for gold
Custer's Last Stand An attack on Custer and US soldiers at the Little Bighorn River. The Native Americans killed Custer and the rest of the soldiers
Battle of Little Big Horn The battle in which the Sioux, led by Sitting Bull, defeated the U.S. Army led by General Custer
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