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West. Settle./Immig.


What did the Homestead Act do? Gave free land to western settlers
What were the requirements of the Homestead Act? Had to live on and farm the land for five years
What African-Americans moved from the South to Kansas and other western states after Reconstruction? The Exodusters
What 2 new technologies led to western settlement after the Civil War? 1) Railroads 2) Mechanical reaper
What crop did the mechanical reaper harvest? Wheat
What happened to the Indians as settlers moved west between 1865 and 1900? Indians were pushed off their ancestral lands.
From what parts of Europe did most immigrants come before 1871? Northern and Western Europe
From what parts of Europe did most immigrants come after 1871? Southern and Eastern Europe
From what Northern and Western European countries did immigrants come before 1871? 1) Germany 2) Great Britain, 3) Ireland 4) Norway 5) Sweden
From what Southern and Eastern European countries did immigrants come after 1871? 1) Italy 2) Greece 3) Poland 4) Russia 5) Present-day Hungary 6) Former Yugoslavia
From what Asian countries did immigrants come after 1871? 1) China 2) Japan
What did Chinese immigrants help build? Transcontinental railroad
Where did immigrants work in the Northeast? 1) Textile mills 2) Steel mills
Where did immigrants work in New York City? Clothing industry
What immigrants worked in coal mines in the East? 1) Slavs 2) Italians 3) Poles
Where did most European immigrants enter America? Came through Ellis Island in New York Harbor
What was the first view of America of many European immigrants? Statue of Liberty
What theory says immigrants were quickly assimilated (absorbed) into American culture? "Melting Pot"
What kinds of hardships did many immigrants fact? 1) Low pay 2) Dangerous working conditions 3) Racial, religious, and cultural prejudice 4) Fear and resentment that they would take jobs away from Americans
What institution helped immigrants assimilate into American society? Public schools
What 2 laws limited immigration? 1) Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 2) Immigration Restriction Act of 1921
What cities grew rapidly and became manufacturing and transportation centers? 1) Chicago 2) Detroit 3) Cleveland 4) Pittsburgh 5) New York
Where did many factory workers live in the big cities? Tenements and slums
What needs were created by the rapid growth of cities? 1) Housing shortages 2) Sewage and water systems 3) Public transportation
What American city began to build a subway system in1900? New York City
What other types of public transportation were used in cities? 1) Trolleys 2) Streetcar lines
What two regions of the United States were settled between 1865 and 1900? 1) Great Plains 2) Rocky Mountains
By the early 20th century, what states had been admitted into the Union? All 48 states that make up the continental United States today from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans
Created by: wzuger