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Social Studies

Define Conquistadors Spanish soldiers who conquered people in other lands.
Define Colonies Outposts or settlements ruled by the homeland.
Define Export To sell to other countries.
Define Import To buy from other countries
Define Balance of Trade Sell more than you buy in order to obtain gold.
Define Triangle Trade Materials & people traded between the New World, Europe, and Africa.
What motivated Europeans to explore? Gold,Power, Spread religon
Why were Europeans forced to explore at sea? Thieves & Terrain
What 5 countries dominated in the Age of Exploration? Spain, Portugal, England, Netherlands, France
Why was Spain able to gain more land in the Americas? They had better technology and weapons which overwhelmed the natives.
What inventions allowed explorers to seek out and conquer new lands? Compass, Astrolabe, Caravel, Gunpowder
What was the impact of these inventions? They enabled Europeans to conquer land. This help spread European ideas, beliefs, etc.
How does mercantilism work? Countries stockpile gold and silver by exporting more than importing.
Why were colonies a critical part of mercantilism? They supplied the Mother Country with "discounted" products.
How did the Mother Country "dictate" mercantilism? They placed tariffs, or taxes, on all imported goods. This kept their people from buying from other countries.
What factors led to the creation of capitalism? Since governments regulated trade, merchants started to take risks in order to make large profits.
Who came up with Capitalism? Adam Smith
How does capitalism work? People have the ability to start their own businesses and sell products at a price that they choose.
What are 3 positives about Capitalism? Effort, Competition, and Freedom
What are 3 negatives about Capitalism? Poor are disadvantaged, luck,
How was European interaction different in Asia? Asia had already established a strong military civilizations. Europeans traded with Asia instead of "taking over".
What impact did Europeans have on Asia? Europeans tried to spread religion. Many Asians resented this .
How did Europeans colonize the Americas? Europeans did more than just trade with the Americas.
Describe the different types of colonies. 1)Trading 2)Plantation 3)Settler
Who fought in the French and Indian War? France & Great Britain
Why was the French and Indian War fought? It was fought over territory.
What was the result of the French & Indian War? British won and took all of French Land.
Why did Europeans seek African slave labor? The need for labor on plantations in the new world.
What effect did the slave trade have? Tribal warfare increased as tribes captured rival tribes.
Did Africans resist the slave trade have? Some, by either fighting back or revolting on the slaveships.
Created by: Kyle Lafayette
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