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What was the period after the Civil War, when the federal government tried to rebuild the South and restore the Union? Reconstruction
Did Reconstruction lead to the political, economic, and social control of the South by whites? Yes
Were the economic and political gains made by former slaves during Reconstruction permanent or temporary? Temporary
Who followed Lincoln as president? Andrew Johnson
What group of Republicans gained control of Reconstruction after Lincoln's death? Radical Republicans
Who were the Radical Republicans? Republicans who wanted to punish the former Confederate states for causing the Civil War
What 2 demands did the Radical Republicans make during Reconstruction? 1) Refused to allow the confederate states to reenter the Union until they had undergone military occupation 2) Wanted to guarantee voting rights and civil rights to African-Americans
What 2 ideas did the term military occupation mean during Reconstruction? 1) Southern states were under the rule of a general in the U.S. Army. 2) Troops were stationed in the South to keep order.
Who were the freedmen? Freed slaves
On what issue did President Andrew Johnson and the Radical Republicans clash? Civil rights for the freedmen
What action did the Radical Republicans take against President Johnson? Impeached Johnson
Define impeachment. Bringing an official to trial for misconduct in office
Which house of Congress can impeach the president? House of Representatives
Which house of Congress can remove a president from office? The Senate
Did the Radical Republicans remove Andrew Johnson from the presidency? No
What are the 3 Civil War or Reconstruction Amendments? 1) 13th 2) 14th 3) 15th
What are the key words to remember the 3 Reconstruction Amendments? 13th = Freedom 14th = Citizenship 15th = Vote
Identify the 13th Amendment. Abolished (ended) slavery
Identify the 14th Amendment. 1) Gave citizenship to African-Americans 2) Guaranteed "equal protection of the laws"
Identify the 15th Amendment. Gave African-American males the right to vote
What 2 major cities lay in ruins at the end of the Civil War? 1) Richmond 2) Atlanta
What transportation improvement occurred in 1869? First Transcontinental Railroad
What did Ulysses S. Grant do after the Civil War? 1) Served as president during most of Reconstruction 2) Did not want Radical Republicans to be harsh with former Confederates 3) Supported rights for the freedmen 4) Against retribution (payback) toward the defeated South
What did Robert E. lee do after the Civil War? 1) Urged Southerners to reconcile (accept defeat) and rejoin the United States 2) Served as president of Washington College (now Washington & Lee) 3) Said education was important to the nation's future
What did Frederick Douglass do after the Civil War? 1) Leading spokesman for African-Americans 2) Supported full equality for African-Americans 3) Called for the 14th and 15th Amendments 4) Wanted the federal government to protect the rights of the freedmen 5) Served as American ambassador to Haiti
What does one call the group of people who cast the official votes for president and vice president? The Electoral College
How many electoral votes does each state have? 2 (for U.S. senators) + number of representatives in the House
What was the Compromise of 1877? 1) A political deal between Southern Democrats and northern Republicans that ended Reconstruction 2) Democrats agreed to Republican Rutherford Hayes' election as president, and Republicans ended the military occupation of the South.
What was the Jim Crow Era? The period (late 1800s to mid-1960s) when the Southern states required racial segregation in public schools, transportation, and other public facilities
For what is Jim Crow a synonym? Racial segregation
What political rights did African-Americans lose during the Jim Crow Era in the South? 1) Right to vote 2) Right to serve on juries
Define racial segregation. 1) Separation of the races 2) In the South, separation of blacks and whites
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