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Cebuano lesson 34

Cebuano lesson 34 Ate Bebe

Ámbot to not know
Báhin about
Bahô stinks, smells
baló mahi , mahi an to know
Basin perhaps, maybe
Biblikál biblical
Dúgang increase, addition
Dúgay late, too long
Dyanitór janitor
Ehersísyo exercise
ehersísyo mag to exercise
estóriya mag , i to talk
Gánì even, indeed
Gyud definitely, for sure, really
hínlò mo , mag to clean
Hinúngdan reason
hunahuna mag gi / on to think
Interés interest
Kabaláka concern, worry
Káda every, each
Kahâ perhaps, maybe
Kakulían difficulties, troubles
Kalibótan earth, world
katáw anan funny
Kay because
Lagí surely, indeed
Magwawáli preacher
Máma mom
múg ot mag to frown, be sour faced
Ngáno why
no? isn't it?
Pagkatinugyánan stewardship
pagtulón an teaching
pahíyum mo , mag to smile
Pahúlay rest
pahúlay mo , mag to rest
pamínaw mo , mag , mang to listen
Possible possibly
Sigúro surely, perhaps
Tawág call
Tingáli maybe, perhaps
Tinúod true
Tungód because
Wáli message
yútang natáwhan native land
Created by: gripino