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Flashcards covering Native American tribes and geography

If A is to the left of North America, C is to the right of North America, and B is North America, what are the other two? (hint: oceans) A is Pacific Ocean (West Coast) B is North America C is Atlantic Ocean (East Coast)
Where are each of these tribes?: -Iroquois -Mound Builders -Sioux -Anasazi - Nez Perce - Inuit Iroquois is from Eastern Woodlands. (a) Mound builders are from Mississippi River Valley. (b) Sioux are from the plains. (c) Anasazi are from south west. (d) Nez Perce are from northwest coast. (e) Inuit are from arctic. (f)
Name two tribes from Mountains, Piedmont, Coastal plains, and tidewater. Mountains: Cherooke and Creek Piedmont: Catawaba and Occaneechi Coastal Plain: Tuscarora and Lumbee Tidewater: Croaton and Hatteras
Explain the tribes that live in the mountain area. The Cherooke and Creek were hunters and traders. They used what they killed for meat, medicine, clothing, and shelter. Collected and traded minerals.
Explain the tribes that live in the piedmont area. The Catwaba and Occaneechi were hunters and fishers. Since they didn't have good ground for farming, they used the slash and burn method.
Explain the tribes that live in the coastal plain area. The Tuscarora and Lumbee were farmers and canoers. They canoed for transportation. They have flat sandy ground which is good for farming.
Explain the tribes that live in the tidewater area. The Croaton and Hatteras were fishers and farmers. They fished for food/meat. They had flat sandy ground which is goof for farming.
What room is Mr. Segal in? 522
How did the Catawba and Occaneechi adapt to their environment? Since there was not good farming land for them to grow plants on, they adapted by cutting down the trees and burning them to create a topsoil for planting.
Explain the conditions of the Eastern Woodland, Mississippi River Valley, Plains, Southwest, Northwest Coast, and the Arctic. Eastern Woodland-lots of trees-iroquois Mississippi River Valley-near water-Mound Builders Plains-grassy flat land, few trees-sioux Southwest-desert, little water-Anasazi Northwest Coast-rocky, tall pine trees-Nes Perce The Arctic- snow and ice-Inuit
How did the Mound Builders adapt to their environment? The mound builders, as stated by their name, built mounds to avoid the flooding of their house since they lived so close to the water.
How does media contribute to stereotypes? Give 1 example. - The media can give a sense of racism to children through movies and cartoons
How does media contribute to stereotypes? Give 1 example. - Logos and other common images can contribute to a stereotypical view of physical features. An example is the redskins. They have red skin and a feather in their hair, which is an inaccurate representation of Native Americans.
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