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History chapter 15

lesson 2

Franklin Pierce politician from new Hampshire, honors comp. of 1850 & fugitive slave act
Other canadites William garrison, Zachary taylor
Steven Douglas supported the idea of building a railroad to the pasiffic ocean
Kansas-Nebraska act plan that would divide the remainder of the Louisiana purshce into two territory and allowed the people in each territory to decide on the question of slavery
1856 Congressional Committee decided which govt was legitimate. anti-s said it was unfair, federal govt didn't agree
May 1856 pro-s charged leaders of anti-s with treason but anti-s men flead
Sack of Lawrence the attack of pro-slavery men SOL
John Brown mad by SOL so he got some men and committed the Pottawatomie massacre and said god told him to
Pottawatomie Massacre Brown and men killed five pro-s men in kansas
Charles Sumner critized pro-s people in KS, personally insulted Andrew Pickens Butler- pro-s senator
Preston Brooks relative of Butler, took a cane and beat Sumner unconscious S sent more canes/ N outraged
Created by: Ella!