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Ap US vocab

chapters 16 + 17

Lincoln's 10% plan a swift + moderate reconstruction process-> all ex confederates woulb be pardoned except the hightest ranking milit + civ leaders and as soon as 10% of the voting population has taken an oath + there in a new st gov th state would be readmitted 2 th U
The Wade Davis Bill Radical Rupub though tha th 10% pln ws 2 kind so -> a maj of th wht m popu hd 2 particip in creating a new state gov, 2 vote/ hld office th mn hd 2 take an "iron oath"(th mn hd never hlpd th confed), all C officers higher tha lieutenant + civO = nt citiz
Johnson's Reconstruction Plan
Oaths of Amnesty
Black Codes
radical Republicans
Freedmen's bureau agency of social uplift, supplied food, med services, built schls, negoticated employ contract 4 former slaves + tried 2 gt AF Amer land
Civil Rights Act of 1866 a
Radical repub V. lincoln's reconstruc views Radical Repyb though tha Reconstruc ws meant 2 transform th polit + racial order of th country-> L though tha it ws 2 win th war + weaken th confed
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