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History Semester 1

Everything from Semester one, including about 7 units

monopoly a situation in which only one seller controls the production, supply, or pricing of products for which there are no close substitutes
robber barons critics of rockefeller, s
sherman antitrust act 1890, made it illegal to form a trust that intervered with the free trade between states or with any other country
why did we need international tarde from the late 1800s to the early 1900s?
Opponents of social darwinism the poor
social gospel 19th century reform movement based on the belief that christians have the responsibility to help improve working conditions and alleviate poverty
william jennings bryan and the gold standard democratic convention, delivered address to assembly delegates
unalianable rights natural rights, are not contingent upon the laws, customs, or beliefs or a particular society
factory job, what was it like
why did factory workers hire women rather than men?
goals of the progressive movement remove corruption, include more people more directly in the political process, government must play a role to solve social problems
what slowed the progressive movement and its reforms
John Hay issued the open door notes
Open Door policy share trading rights with the U.S., creating an open door
SpanishAmerican war , causes and effects cuase: interfearence of media, realized that the Cuban was close to defeat the Spaniards they intervened in the war
building of the panama canal
Teddy Roosevelt's role in the Panamanian revolution helped organize rebellion against columbia
BIg stick diplomacy The idea of negotiating peacefully, simultaneously threatening with the “big stick
dollar diplomacy to further its foreign policy aims in Latin America and East Asia through use of its economic power by guaranteeing loans made to foreign countries.
moral diplomacy stated that America should not get involved with foreign affairs
beginning of WWI, most people wre isolationists or interventionists? isolationists
Great migration. Why? Who? African Americans from the south to the north to escape racism, seek employment opportunities in industrial cities, and to get better education for their children
Stanton and Anthony women's suffrage
Senecca falls convention first women's rights convention, anti-slavery movement, sufrage
President Harding promised to bring what in the 1920s?
18th amendment
21st amendment
1890s women working for sufrage went through what difficulty or event?
WWI, women strengthen movement by what?
Harlem Rennaisance. When did it begin? Where? Writers? Musicians?
How did Harlem Rennaisance appeal to mainstream America?
RAdio and movies, pop culture inthe 1920s
Mass production
Federal Reserve
1920s, industry produce more, wages went? down
Conditions for farmers
factory owners opposed labor unions in the early 1900s. Why?
Could women vote before WWI? Yes, in select states
why were there high tariffs in the 1920s
How did credit affect the 1920s stock market crash?
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