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Leading to Civil War


What war resulted from the conflict between the "free" North and the "slave" South? The Civil War
What type of economy did the Northern states have? Industrial (factories)
What type of taxes did the Northern states want? Protective Tariffs
What are protective tariffs? Taxes on imports that are so high Americans cannot afford to buy foreign goods
What type of economy did the southern states have? Agricultural (farming)
What was the South's position on high protective tariffs? Against them
Who were the Abolitionists? People who wanted to end slavery immediately
Name one important Abolitionist leader. William Lloyd Garrison
What was the name of the anti-slavery newspaper in Boston? The Liberator
Who wrote the novel Uncle Tom's Cabin? Harriet Beecher Stowe
What kind of novel was Uncle Tom's Cabin? Antislavery
Who proposed the Missouri Compromise? Henry Clay
What were the 3 parts of the Missouri Compromise? 1) Maine became a free state 2) Missouri became a slave state 3) 36° 30´ latitude line divided the "free" North from the "slave" South
Who proposed the Compromise of 1850? Henry Clay
What were the 4 parts of the Compromise of 1850? 1) California became a free state. 2) Stronger fugitive slave law 3) New Mexico and Utah territories have popular sovereignty 4) Abolished the slave trade, but not slavery in Washington, D.C.
What section of the country hated the Fugitive Slave law? The North
Who proposed the Kansas-Nebraska Act? Stephen Douglas
What were the 3 parts of the Kansas-Nebraska Act? 1) Created Kansas and Nebraska territories 2) Popular sovereignty would decide slavery in Kansas and Nebraska 3) Repealed the Missouri Compromise
Define popular sovereignty. The people vote on whether they want slavery in their territory.
What does it mean to repeal a law? Get rid of the law; it's no longer a law
What were the 2 results of the Kansas-Nebraska Act? 1) Bleeding Kansas 2) Republican Party
What did the Republican Party believe? Prohibit (forbid) slavery in the western territories
How did the Supreme Court rule in the Dred Scott case? Declared the Missouri Compromise unconstitutional
What part of the Compromise of 1850 did Northerners hate the most? The Fugitive Slave law
What type of rights did Southerners believe in? States' Rights
What 2 rights did Southerner believe the states possessed? 1) Right to nullify a federal law 2) Right to secede
What did it mean to nullify a federal law? Void it; Do away with it
What did it mean for a state to secede from the Union? 1) Withdraw from the Union or 2) Leave the Union
What 2 slave rebellions took place in Virginia? 1) Gabriel's Rebellion 2) Nat Turner's Rebellion
Created by: wzuger