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Cumulative Vocab 5

1st Semester Vocab 5

il appartient à it belongs to
elle resout she solves
èchappe to escape
faire la grasse matinée to sleep in
avoir ras le bol to have dissatisfication
en panne broken
couchette sleeping cabin train
demi tarif/reduction fee reduction
si on allait/va au ask to go somewhere
tempête de neige snowstorm
locataire the rent payer
incontournable indisputable
inprenue unexpected
renard crafty fox
ils éteignent they extinguish
s'abuter shelter/hide
eblouir to show off
accueiller to welcome
ils se taisent they shut up
chuchoter to whisper
coudre to sow
ils pourraient they would be able
vous sauriez you would know
je plains i pity
je me plains i complain
ils resolvent they solve
qu'est-ce qui t'empeche what prevents you?
il mament they lie
disparition dissapearance
disparaître to disappear
espionner to spy
donner un element de to give a piece of
Created by: chiken