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Ch2 Exploration

Age of European Exploration

Vikings First explorers to North America
Longship Ship designed by the Vikings; more stable and sailed better in rough waters
Leif Eriksson Viking explorer that explored deeper into Canada and New England
Vinland Viking settlement created by Leif Eriksson
Failure of Vinland Attacked by Native Americans; too far away from other Viking settlements
Prince Henry Helped fund advances in navigation; observatory, school for navigation, mapmakers, shipbuilders and funded expeditions
Importance of Asian Spices Wanted to find spices so they could buy directly and bring back to Europe
Role of Christianity on Exploration Christians wanted to convert natives to Christianity
Importance of Marco Polo Europeans became interested in Asian culture; wanted to visit
Magnetic Compass Smaller and easier to use when trying to tell direction
Astrolabe Enabled navigators to learn their ship's location by charting the position of the stars
Caravels Smaller, lightweight boats with triangular sails
Advantages of Caravels Easier to steer and could sail against the wind
Christopher Columbus Sailor for Spain; landed in the Caribbean Islands
King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella Monarchs of Spain who funded Columbus' explorations
Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria Names of Columbus' ships on his first voyage
Taino people Native American tribe that Columbus called Indians
Where did Columbus think he landed? India
Line of Demarcation boundary line created by Pope Alexander VI that divided the Atlantic Ocean between Spain and Portugal
Claimed territory west of the boundary lines Spain
Claimed territory east of the boundary lines Portugal
Treaty of Tordesillas Political agreement between Spain and Portugal that moved the LIne of Demarcation further west
Amerigo Vespucci Led Spanish fleets to the coast of South America; the American continent is named after him
Vasco Nunez de Balboa Traveled west and credited with spotting the Pacific Ocean
Ferdinand Magellan Portuguese navigator who sailed around the southern tip of South America to the Asian islands
Circumnavigate Go all the way around the globe; accomplishment by Magellan's crew
Columbian Exchange transfer of plants and animals from the Americas to Europe and Asia (provide examples)
Impact of Exploration deadly diseases introduced to the Americas, trading pattern developed, Columbian Exchange of plants, horses, cattle and pigs
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