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History chapter 15

lesson 1

Missouri Compromise of 1820 divided Lousiana peershce into free and slave states
Senator Lewis Cass of Mishigan encouraged popular sovereignty, candidate for Democrats
Popular Sovereignty power to the people
President James K. Polk wanted to extend the 36 30 line to the west cost
David Willmot Offered the Wilmot Proviso
Wilmot Proviso document stating that "neither slavery nor involuntary servitude shall ever exist in any part of (the) territory
North controlled house of reps.
South controlled senate
Sectionalism favoring the intresets of one section or region over the inerests of the entire country
Free-Soil Party supported the Wilmot Proviso created by antislavery party.
VanBuren candidate for free soil party. no slaves in w, protect white jobs
Zachary Taylor candidate for Whigs. Won election.
Henry Clay Great compromiser
Compromise of 1850 Ca = free state, Mexican cession decided by pop. sov., Texas give up land east of rio grande-govt payed debt, no slave trade in capitol, fugitive slave law effective
Fugitive Slave act made it a crime to help runaway slaves/ officials could arrest those slaves in free areas
William Seward defended antislavery views and rand against Abe Lincon
John C. Calhoon argued that letting CA become a free would destroy the nations balance
Anthony Burns fugitive slave from Virginia arrested in Boston. his case persuaded many to join abolitionists
Uncle Tom's Cabin the antislavery novel
Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote uncle tom's cabin and spoke out powerfully against slavery
Created by: Ella!