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Symbols & Freedoms


Th America Flag has ___ stars. 50
The American Flag has ____ stripes. 13
The color red stands for ________. courage
The color white stands for ________. purity
The color blue stands for _______. loyalty
The bald eagle is not actually _____. bald
The word "bald" meant _______ when the colonist named the bird. white
The bald eagle stands for ________, independence, and courage. endurance
The Liberty Bell is found in _________. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The Liberty Bell weighs over _______. 2,000 pounds
The Liberty Bell rang in 1776 to announce our country's _________. freedom
________ gave us the Statue of Liberty France
The Statue of Liberty is also known as _______. Lady Liberty
The Capitol Building is located in _______. Washington, D.C.
_________ are made in the Capitol Building Laws
Members of _________ make these laws. Congress
Never fly the flag in ________ weather except when an all-weather flag is displayed. bad
Always ______ the flag quickly. raise
Always lower the flag slowly. lower
Never fly the flag another ________ on the same pole with our country's flag nation
Never let the flag touch the ______ or drag through water. ground
Never fly the flag _______ except as a signal of trouble. upside down
Freedom of Speech the freedom to say what we believe
Freedom of Press the freedom to print what we believe in a book, newspaper, or magazine for everyone to read
Freedom of Religion the freedom to worship God in the way we choose
Freedom to print something in the newspaper is ________. freedom of press
Freedom to worship God is freed of religion
Freedom to say what we believe is freedom of speech
The stars on the American Flag stand for the number of _____. states
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