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Chpt. 12 Sec. 1 SS

Stack #195875

What was the Industrial Revolution a period of extremly rapid growth in the use of machines in manufacturing and production
What was the first item manufactured in the Industrial Revolution textiles
How did the British hope to maintain their advantage in the Industrial Revolution the British Parliment had passed laws making it illegal for skilled mechanics or machine plans to leave Britian
Who brought this British concept to America Samuel Slater
What is mass production the making of large numbers of identical goods more effciently
Explain interchangeable parts a system in which each particular part of a product would be made exactly the same
Who created this system Eli Whitney
What was he manufacturing muskets
Even though/American manufacturing started off slowly, what gave it a boost When the Embargo of 1807 and the War of 1812 prevented U.S. consumers from buying British goods
What was the Rhode Island System Slater's aproach of hiring families and dividing factory work into simple tasks[jobs] to children
What was the Lowell System the combination of employing young women and of spinning thread and weaving cloth in one mill
Explain trade unions organizations of artisans in a particular trade to improve working conditions
What is a strike the refusal to work until employers meet union demands
Who founded the Lowell Female Reform Association Sarah Bagley
What did she go on to do she became vice president of the New England Workingmen's Association
What was her main focus in this position to limit the workday to 10 hours
What are lalor pools the workers you have to choose from to fill the job
Created by: Breezy Breeze