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Native American Unit

TEST 9/1 - Native American Unit Study Guide

Which tribe ate seals, whales, and caribou? They also wore animal skins and furs. Lived in igloos. Inuit
Which tribe ate corn, squash, and beans? They also wore woven clothing and lived in pueblos. Hopi
Which tribe ate fish and birds? They also wore light animal skins and lived in homes on poles without walls. Seminoles
Which tribe ate buffalo, corn, squash, and beans? They also wore buffalo skins and lived in earth homes or teepees while hunting. Pawnee
Which tribe ate fish, wore clothing made of shredded tree barks and lived in homes made of wood? Kwakiutl
Which tribe ate salmon, plants and berries? They also wore animal skins and lived in covered pits. Nez Perce
What type of home did the Seminole tribe live in? On poles without walls, open houses, chickees
What type of home did the Kwakiutl tribe live in? Large cedar wood homes, decorated with paint and carvings
What type of home did the Inuit tribe live in? igloos
What type of home did the Nez Perce tribe live in? Covered pits and teepees while hunting
What type of home did the Pawnee tribe live in? Lodge made of bark, earth, and grass. Teepee while hunting.
What type of home did the Hopi tribe live in? Pueblos made of clay
Which tribe farmed for most of the year, but hunted buffalo in winter? Pawnee
Which tribe lived in an environment with many trees, leading to both clothing and homes made of wood/bark? Kwakiutl
Define irrigation Watering of land to get ready for farming
Which tribe used irrigation to water their plants because they lived in such a hot and dry environment? Hopi
Why did the Pawnee people live in teepees half the year? traveled for hunting
What was the primary crop grown by the Hopi people? Corn
What tribe settled in the state of Florida? Seminoles
What kind of clothing was primarily worn by people of the Southwest? Woven clothes
What animals did the Inuit people eat? fish, whale, caribou, seals
Why were the Seminoles' homes up on poles? Flooding, protection from animals, keeps it cool
The Nez Perce, who lived in river valleys, primarily ate what? Fish, salmon, berries, and plants
Which tribes wore animal furs or skins as clothing? (there are 4) Nez Perce, Inuit, Seminole, Pawnee
Resources are important for the growth of a region's economy because it helps people decide... What to use and eat, how to survive, what to SPECIALIZE in.
How do the environment and natural resources of an area determine the way Native American tribes eat and live? Climate and resources available.
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