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Ch. 4 Study Guide

River Valley Civilizations questions from chapter 4

Which region was ruled at different times by the Kushites, the Assyrians, and the Persians? Egypt
Who left records of changes in the night sky, which helped later astronomers? Chaldeans
The defeat of the Hyksos was essential to the creation of what Kingdom in Egypt? New Kingdom
What warrior civilization had to develop a strong army in order to defend itself from frequent attacks, due to no natural barriers? Assyria
Which ruler was famous for his tolerance of diversity? Cyrus
Who unified China by defeating invaders and crushing internal opposition? Shi Huangdi
Besides the Christians and Muslims, who else believed in monotheism? Zoroaster
What is the name of the type of government in which the ruler had unlimited power and used it in an arbitrary manner, such as the one created by Shi Huangdi? autocracy
Opposition from new and powerful enemies was the main reason for the decline of which empire? Egypt
Bridges, ladders, and tunnels were important elements in the military successes of which people? Assyrians
Who was as famous for his extraordinary skills as a government administrator as for his military conquests? Darius
Which city was restored as the center of an empire 1,000 years after being the center of a different empire? Babyon
Which military leader and peacemaker was the last great Egyptian pharaoh, and oversaw a building program of magnificent structures? Ramses II
What ruler was known for encouraging he expansion of trade, and took power during the New Kingdom to avoid having a child ruler? Hatshepsut
What pharaoh ruled during the New Kingdom and made Egypt a mighty empire, invading Nubia and greatly adding to the territory and power of the empire? Thutmose III
What famous structure did King Darius build to unite the Persian Empire? the Royal Road
Which empire became known for its cruelty to conquered peoples in Mesopotamia, Syria, Palestine, Anatolia, and Egypt? Assyria
What was the location of Nebuchadnezzar's hanging gardens? Babylon
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