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presidential groups slogans and programs

jfk's latin american program Alliance for progress
Tr's foreign policy big stick policy
advisors to FDR Brain trust
taft's foreign policy dollar diplomacy
1957 to maintain us's interests in the middle east eisenhower doctrine
truman's domestic policy fair deal
tr square deal
fdr's relations with latin america good neighbor policy
lbj's domestic program great society
jackson's informal advisors kitchen cabinet
fdr's domestic program new deal
1912 wilson's domestic program new freedom
1960 jfk's domestic program new frontier
teddy roosevelt's political/domestic program during the election of 1912 new nationalism
wilson's guidelines for peace at the end of ww1 14 points
1823 noncolonization and nonintervention in the western hemisphere monroe doctrine
1947 thwarting communism in greece and turkey truman doctrine
league of nations (president) wilson
sec. of state Hay (under mckinley) open door policy
1947 economic aid to europe after ww2 marshall plan
new democracy (president) jackson
return to normalcy (president) harding
era of good feelings president monroe
detente (president) nixon
containment (president) truman
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