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War and Expansion

John Green crash course

What are the three largest states? Alaska, Texas, California
What did journalist John O' Sullivan say? Manifest Destiny, it is the USA right to take over everything
What did American expansion have to do with? Economics
What did people do by 1860? Made their trip west on the Orogan Trail. Many died of dysentary and cholera
Who had control of Oregon? USA and Britian
What states did northern Mexico include? Texas, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Cali
How many Tejanos were there when Mexico won their independence from Spain? 2000
What did the Mexican government do to promote economic development? They gave a huge tract of land to Moses Austin. His son, Stephen Austin, made tons of money off of selling the land. He stopped when there were 7000 Americans there
What did the Mexican government do when they got scared about all the people moving there? They annuled the land contracts and banned further immagrants coming into Texas
What did Steven do about slaves? He and a group of Tehano elites demanded greater autonomy and the right to use slave labor
What did General Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana do to control the territory? He sent in Mexican troups, which caused the Tejano elites to want self rule even more. This then sent them into a war for independence
When did Santa Ana defeat the Americans at the Alamo? March 6th
Who died in the Alamo? Davy Crocket, Jim Bowie, and Williamm Travis
What battle did the Texas rebels defeat Santa Ana? San Jacinto
when did texas become the lone star republic 1837
Martin Van Buren did what about texas? he ignored it because he was scared it would provoke a war with Mexico
When did James Polk annex texas? 1845
What did congress do to balence the slave and free states? Divided Oregon at the 49th paralell
Created by: john_lucas_