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Age of Exploration

Historical time period in which European culture made a significant shift. Renaissance
Device that helped travel across the sea. Compass
Europeans were looking for easier trade routes to this continent. Asia
Primary motivations for Europeans to explore. God, Gold, and Glory
Italian explorer who sailed for Spain and "discovered" the New World. Christopher Columbus
Spanish explorers were also known by this name. Conquistadors
Spanish plantations were called this. Encomiendas
Main disease that caused massive reduction of the Native American population. Smallpox
People from this continent were brought by the Spanish to be slaves. Africa
The people who the Spanish first attempted to enslave. Native Americans
Spanish influence in the present-day United States is strongest in these two areas. Florida and the Southwest
The religion that the Spanish wanted to convert the natives. Catholic
The religion that the French wanted to spread in the New World. Catholic
Source of French wealth from the New World. Furs
River that the French controlled in the middle of the present-day United States Mississippi River
Part of the present-day United States that the English controlled. East Coast
Main source of wealth in the New World for England Tobacco
English settlers were searching for this type of freedom. Religious
Most famous Spanish explorer to travel through South Carolina Hernan de Soto
First Spanish attempt at settling in South Carolina. Miguel de Gualdape
France's only attempt to settle South Carolina. Charlesfort
Spain's second attempt at a settlement in South Carolina San Felipe
France's attempt at a settlement in South Carolina was a refuge for this religious group. Huguenot
The country that forced the Spanish out of South Carolina. England
England's first successful settlement in South Carolina. Charles Town
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