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The First Americans

8th grade chapter 1 review

What is a terrace? A broad platform cut into mountains used to farm on steep slopes
What was a food source for early hunters? Woolly mammoth
What is archeology? the study of ancient people
What was a period of extreme cold? Ice age
What was the capital of the Aztec Empire? Tenochtitlan
Where did the land bridge end in present day? Alaska
What did the Aztec believe the gods require? Gold
What culture used tepees? Plains people
Who built earthen pyramids? Mound Builders
Who had a military empire? Aztec
What is a sun dried mud brick? adobe
Who had a great stone community dwelling? Pueblo
What is the earliest civilization? Olmec
What was the name of the land bridge called? Beringia
What did the Maya and the Aztec organize their societies around? Religion
Where would you find the largest settlement of Mound Builders? present day Illinois
What changed the way of life for Native Americans? arrival of Europeans
What did agriculture allow early americans to do? form communities
Who believed to be descendant of the Inca sun god? emperor
What was a religious center of the Inca? Machu Picchu
What was a system of record keeping using string? quipus
Who dug irrigation channels? Hohokam
What discovery turned nomads into farmers Maize
Mayan interest in astronomy lead to what creation? 365 day calendar
What were clan mothers? Iroquois women who chose the male members of the Grand Council
Who build stone paved roads over mountains? Incas
How did the Iroquois promote peace? forming a federation
Created by: Hintze
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