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Unit 1 Vocab. S.S.

Chapters 1, 2, and 3

sunbelt group of southern states that stretch from the East Coast to California
regions areas that have similar characteristics in nature
coastal plain southernmost region of GA
fall line belt of hills about 20 miles wide
piedmont plateau from north of the fall line to blue ridge mountains
appalachian mountains goes from central alabama towards canada
blue ridge mountains from pennsylvania to GA, eastern appalachian mountains
valley and ridge west of the blue ridge mountains
appalachian plateau smallest GA region, in northwest corner of GA, cumberland plateau
archaeologist scientists who study the past based on what is left behind
artifacts objects made, modified, or used by humans
pre historic before the time of written history
culture a way of life shared by people with similar customs and beliefs
paleo indians first people to live in GA
archaic period began after the ice age
woodland period lasted from around 1000 BC to 900 AD
agriculture farming
renaissance rebirth
mercantilism government establishes land for trade and money
monopoly total control over goods or services in a market
conquistadors Spanish soldiers who captured land for Spain
Joint Stock company company where a group of people work as one power
Gulf Stream strong ocean current that starts at the gulf of mexico
charter a written issued contract that gives permission to explore and conquer
mississippian developed agriculture, and medicine. lasted from 1000-1600 a.d.
anthropologist someone who solves problems regarding humanity
antiquities valuble antiques
horticulture the practice of garden cultivation
clovis points projectile points used by native americans
mounds used for religious and ceremonial events
palisade a wall made from wood typically used for defense
wooly mammoth large animal hunted by native americans
barter economy economy where people barter and trade with eachother
maize corn
bow and arrow used to launch things at people, animals, etc.
projectile points (arrowheads) used on the tip of the arrow, very sharp and aerodynamic
colonization act of settling in new land
spanish missions used to come to the new world to claim land and riches
barrier islands islands around land
influence example: music has an influence on the way people act
smallpox disease that killed many native americans, disease was introduced by Europeans
catholicism acy of being a catholic
new world america
shale type of sedimentary rock
tribe group of people, usually native americans
clan small group of people
sherds fragment of pottery
nomads nomadic people
effigy a sculpture of a person
atlatl spear like tool
chiefdom political system where the chief is the highest ranking member
beringia land in and around the bering straight
middens old dump for domestic waste
moat a deep, broad ditch
podium platform where people stand
mastodon animals that native americans hunted
pottery clay made items
oral tradition spoken tradition
wattle and daub material used for making buildings
mound builders people who built the mounds
expeditions trips to the new world
guale sea island island of native americans around GA
fur trade trading of fur of Europeans
monarchy political system where the highest powers are inherited like England
protestant people who came to the new world for religious
relative location location in a non specific area
absolute location the exact location of something
hemisphere half of the Earth
equator line where the Earth is divided
parallels lines that run across the Earth
prime meridian intersects at 0 degrees
meridians lines that run opposite of parallels
latitude location north or south
longitude location east or west
compass rose a compass with 8 points
scale size of something compared to the real size
goods things made; objects
services things done by a person
imports things brought in to a place
exports things taken out of a place
climate overall weather of an area
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