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hnrs ch3 Quiz 2016

Mr. Stickler's Honors History Ch. 3 Quiz Flashcards 2016.2

Who was Massasoit and how is he connected with Metacomet's War. Massassoit was the first European to meet with the Pilgrims at Plymouth. Metacomet was Massasoit's son. (Ch. 3, Pg. 58)
What does the word "coureurs de bois" mean? It means "runner of the woods". It was the name given to French Fur trappers in Quebec and Montreal, Canada in 1633. (ch. 3, Pg. 29)
What does the word "inflation" mean? This mean "rising prices that occur when the supply of currency or credit grows faster than the available supply of goods and services. (Ch. 3, Pg. 29)
Who/ what is a "privateer"? "A ship captain who owned his boat, hired his crew, and was authorized by his government to attack and capture enemy ships." (Ch. 3, Pg. 27)
What was the "encomienda" system? Law passed in 1512 whereby Spanish "conquistadors" had to "explain to them (first Native Americans they encountered) that they were now subject to the Spanish king and the Catholic Church offering to absorb them peacefully. (Pg. 31)
What "helped" Hernando Cortes conquer the Aztecs within three years of first coming into contact with them? Diseases - mainly Smallpox - weakened the Aztecs during the first two years the Spanish were in contact with Aztecs. (Pg. 26)
What was the Creek Confederacy? A union of many groups of Native Americans who had survived the Spanish epidemics and banded together for mutual support. They had their own social and economic system as well. (Pg. 37)
What started Metacomet's War? Metacomet & his tribe, the Wampanoags, attacked white settlements, resulting in retaliation by the Plymouth colonists. The English called this King Phillip's War. (Ch. 3, Pg. 64)
What is "subsistence Farming"? "Farming that produces enough food for survival but no surplus that can be sold." (Ch. 2, Pg. 41)
Who/ what were "conquistadores"? "Spanish soldiers who conquered Indian civilizations in the New World." (Ch. 3, Pg. 26)
Who was Roger Williams? A popular Puritan minister. (Brayden; SQR2)
What did the Puritans of Massachusetts hope to create? A model Christian community ("a city upon a hill"). (SQR2; Emily)
Why did the Pilgrims leave England/ Europe for the Americas? They wanted to spread the Gospel to the "New World". (Cornell Video Notes)
What did the Pilgrims call the period when John Rolfe left the Plymouth Colony to return to England and why? They called it the "Starving Time". (Cornell Video Notes.)
What happened during the Pequot War? Indians and Pilgrims united and attacked a Pequot village. Only 7 Pequot Indians were left alive. They burned the Pequot village with women and children in it. (Cornell Video Notes.)
In the video that we watched, why were newspapers a good way to disseminate information among the Massachusetts colonists? This worked well because Europeans had all been taught to read by their parents (parents taught them using the Bible). (Cornell Video Notes.)
Why were the New England Colonies much more profitable than the Middle or Southern Colonies? They were more profitable because whale hunting was the main way New Englanders earned a living and whales were able to survive any weather conditions when crops in the Middle & Southern Colonies did not. (Class Notes.)
What crop managed to "save" the Jamestown Colony? A variety of Spanish tobacco that John Rolfe brought back to the colony. (Pg. 52)
Created by: sticklerpjpII