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GA Studies People

8th Grade GA Studies People (Milestone Review)

"Georgia on My Mind", blind, musician Ray Charles
1st African American to play pro sports Jackie Robinson
Georgia's only President, won Nobel Prize Jimmy Carter
youngest to win Nobel Prize, civil rights Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
wrote Gone with the Wind Margaret Mitchell
Coca Cola Doc Pemberton
poet, "The Song of the Chattahoochee" Sidney Lanier
wrote in dialect, Brer Rabbit Joel Chandler Harris (Uncle Remus)
Girl Scouts Juliette Gordon Low
discovered ether, operated in 1920s Dr. Crawford Long
Vice President (VP) of Confederacy from Georgia Alexander Stephens
first African American mayor of Atlanta Maynard Jackson
worked with Dr. Martin Luther King, United Nations (UN) Ambassador, mayor of Atlanta Andrew Young
first African American students to attend University of Georgia (UGA) Hunter and Holmes
Atlanta mayor, airport is named after him William Hartsfield
US Senator for 24 years, expert on armed forces Sam Nunn
Atlanta mayor, worked against racism, established MARTA, brought Braves to Atlanta Ivan Allen
slave, richest African American man in Atlanta, Atlanta Insurance Alonzo Herndon
first woman US Senator, served for one day Rebecca Felton
"offensive" baseball player, "Georgia peach" Ty Cobb
invented cotton gin Eli Whitney
TNT, CNN, TBS, owns Braves, entrepreneur, millionaire Ted Turner
African American educator, President of Atlanta Baptist College John Hope
Governor and Senator Herman Talmadge
Georgia Governor, 18 year olds got right to vote Ellis Arnall
Civil War Governor of Georgia Joe Brown
served as President for 12 years (3 terms, elected for 4 terms, but died before he could serve) Franklin Roosevelt (FDR)
Jewish, convicted of killing 13 year old girl in a pencil factory, hanged by Knights of Mary Phagan Leo Franks
spokesman of the "New South", editor of the Atlanta Constitution, Grady County (Cairo) named after him Henry Grady
Georgia's longest Congressman, wanted / supported a two-ocean Navy, strong military supporter Carl Vinson
Created by: GregoireEC
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