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US history 11th

US history study guide

What incident marked the end of conflict between settlers and Natives? Wounded Knee
Explain the importance of land ownership to Plains Natives. Wasn’t important, believed land belonged to no one, wondered as nomads with no boundaries.
Explain the effects of Barbed Wire on the open range. Brought an end to the days of the open range and the long cattle drive.
Explain the debt crisis for farmers in the late 1800’s. High shipping cost, high cost of machines and land, purchasing on credit, deflation.
What states make up the Great Plains? North Dakota, South Dakota, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Oklahoma, Nevada, Texas, Kansas.
What was the Chisholm Trail? Main cattle drive trail from TX to KS.
What were the regulations of the Homestead Act? $10 license fee, live on the property for 5 years.
What was the purpose of the Dawes Act? Assimilate Natives into American culture by giving them land to form and forcing them to give up their Culture.
What is the gold standard? Only issuing money that is backed by gold.
Describe hardships faced by plains settlers. Extreme temperatures, blizzards, fire, lack of water, attacks by Natives.
Who was George Custer? Led the 7th cavalry at the Battle of Little Bighorn, Died.
Explain the role of the horse in plains natives lifestyle. Brought by Spanish. Allowed Plains Natives to become Nomadic Buffalo Hunters.
What 3 factors caused a rise in beef prices in the 870’s? Civil War, City Growth, RR
What two RR companies built the Transcontinental Rail Road? Union Pacific & Central Pacific
What did John Deere create? Steel Plow
What caused the Populist Movement? Debt, Shipping Cost, Deflation
Explain the problem with Greenback currency. Couldn’t be exchanged for gold or silver, worth less,
Describe the Populist Political Platform. Loan Program, Graduated Income Tax, Increased Money Supply, Popular Election of Senators, Secret Ballot, Single Term President, 8 hour Workday, Restrict Immigration.
Explain William McKinley’s campaign for president in 1896. Front Porch Campaign
What type of structure did Plains Natives live in? Teepee
What groups of people and regions supported each political party? Democratic- Labor and Farmers of the South. Republicans- Business men and Bankers of the North.
Describe the education of plains native children. Used myths and games
What was the purpose of the Homestead Act? Encourage settler families to move west and occupy the lands.
List battles between the Settlers and Natives. Sand Creek, Fetterman, Little Bighorn, Wounded Knee.
What was the Comstock Lode? Discovery of Silver in Nevada
Explain the effect of plains settlement on the buffalo herds. As settlement & RR increased buffalo #s dwindled to a point Natives could no longer rely on them.
What were the results of fencing in the plains? Cowboys to Ranch Hands, End of the Cattle Drive, Replacement of Longhorns.
Created by: Katwill678
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