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Social Studies Ch 1

how did the early people migrate to the Americas? Walking across the land bridge following the animals they were hunting
As the early peoples began to migrate into the Americas, where did most of them live during the Ice Age? wherever they could find food
Why did the early peoples migrate into the Americas? they were hunters following large animals
How did growing crops affect the early peoples' lives? They began to settle in one place
How did early Americans get their food during the Ice Age? hunting
How were the early Mound Builders able to build extremely large structures such as the Great Serpent Mound? They were well organized
What are 3 facts about the way of life of the Anasazi people who lived in the Southwest region? known as "Cliff Dwellers" dug ditches to water their crops abandoned their civilization
Which group of people traveled from Asia to America 2,500 years ago and settled near the Arctic Ocean? The Inuit
What are 3 facts about the Inuit people and their way of life? hunted whales and walruses developed the kayak still build igloos today
If the Anasazi lived in the desert, how did they become successful farmers? They dug ditches to carry water to crops
How was the Mayan civilization successful? They were excellent farmers
What was the result of the surplus of food for the Mayans? They had extra time and began to specialize
What are 3 interesting facts about the Mayan culture? developed the calendar they were successful farmers they developed the idea of zero
What are 3 interesting facts about the Aztec culture? they created floating gardens they carved terraces in the hills they developed irrigation
What country was the Aztec civilization founded in? Mexico
How did the Aztec accomplish the expansion from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean of their civilization? by conquering others
How and why did the Mayans develop skills such as basket weaving, jewelry making, and math? They were so successful at farming that they had a surplus of food. As a result, not everyone needed to farm. Some people began specializing in other skills.
Why did the early peoples need to find new food sources? The large animals began to die out
What types of foods did the early peoples find when the large animals began to die out? They fished and hunter smaller animals. They gathered wild plants like grains, root vegetables, berries, and nuts.
What did the Mound Builders, Anasazi, and Inuit have in common? They were farmers they lived in permanent settlements they held religious ceremonies
What was the difference between the Mound Builders, Anasazi, and Inuit? The Anasazi lived in a desert and were the first to use irrigation The Mound Builders lived in an area with forests, fertile soil, lakes, and rivers.
How did the Aztecs and the Incas build their empires to include large land areas? both group of people conquered other people in battles
What is a climograph? a graph that shows the climate of an area
What are the 2 types of information that are included on a climograph? average temperature average precipitation
list 2 possible uses of the mounds built by the Mound Builders. place to hold religious ceremonies burial places for important chiefs
archaeologists theorize(guess) that early peoples migrated from Asia
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