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Navigation Act of 1763 Forced the colonies to sell their goods in England
Proclamation of 1763 A proclamation by England that said the colonists could not settle past the Appalachian Mountains
Boston Tea Party An event where a group of colonists dressed up as Native Americans and threw England's tea into the Boston Harbor
Boston Massacre An event where a group of English soldiers shot their guns into a crowd of colonists killing several of them
Battle of Lexington and Concord The first battles of the American Revolution which became known as "the shot heard round the world." This battle changed the relationship between the colonies and England forever.
Battle of Saratoga The first major victory for the Continental Army. After winning this battle, America began winning more often.
Battle of Yorktown The final battle of the American Revolution. American beat England and won independence.
Treaty of Paris of 1783 Document which said that America was now finally free from England
Middle Passage Voyage of the slaves from Africa to the Americas across the Atlantic Ocean
French and Indian War A war where England and France fought for control of North America. It was won by England.
Salutary Neglect England's decision not to make the American colonies follow trade laws
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