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Jacksonian Democracy


What is the period from 1824 to 1850 called? 1) "Age of the Common Man" 2) Jacksonian Era
For whom is the period 1824-1850 named? Andrew Jackson
Why did more Americans participate in politics during the Jacksonian Era? 1) More people could vote 2) Westward expansion 3) Sectional interests
What two terms mean the right to vote? 1) the Franchise 2) Suffrage
How did Andrew Jackson represent this new "democratic spirit"? 1) Moved West 2) Worked hard and became rich 3) Fought Indians 4) Was a self-made man
What is the franchise? The right to vote
What is suffrage? The right to vote
What was universal white manhood suffrage? All adult white men could vote.
What 2 voting requirements were eliminated (done away with) in the Age of Jackson? 1) Religious (belong to a certain church in order to vote) 2) Property qualification (own a certain amount of property in order to vote)
What were new campaign techniques during the Age of Jackson? 1) Party newspapers 2) Campaign songs 3) Speeches 4) Campaign rallies 5) Parades 6) Picnics
What political party disappeared in the 1820s? Federalists
Into what 2 political parties did the Democratic-Republican Party split? 1) Democrats 2) Whigs
What nativist third party started in the 1850s? Know-Nothings
Define nativism. Don't like immigrants
What immigrants did the Know-Nothings dislike? 1) Irish-Catholics 2) Germans
How did Andrew Jackson reward his supporters? Spoils system
What was the spoils system? An officeholder giving government jobs to his supporters (people who voted for him)
What was wrong with the spoils system? Best people didn't get government jobs
Was President Jackson for or against the BUS? Against
What did President Jackson do to the bank recharter bill? Vetoed it
What is a presidential veto? 1) President rejects a bill. 2) Says no to a bill passed by Congress 3) It does not become law.
Of what constitutional system is a presidential veto an example? Checks and balances system
What precedent was set by Jackson's veto? A president could veto any bill he did not like.
What did Jackson do to the BUS? Destroyed it
What was the big sectional (North/South) event, while Jackson was president? Nullification Crisis
What is a tariff? A tax on imports
What did it mean for a state to nullify a law? Void it; wipe it out
Did South Carolina want a high tariff? No
What did South Carolina do to the Tariff of 1832? 1) Nullified it 2) Threatened to secede from (leave) the Union
How did nullification threaten the federal government? If states could nullify federal laws, then the U.S. government could not enforce laws throughout the nation.
How did President Jackson respond to South Carolina's nullification of the tariff? Threatened to send federal troops to South Carolina
During the Nullification Crisis, what position did President Jackson take? For federal authority
During the Nullification Crisis, what position did South Carolina take? For states' rights
What group of Americans was hurt by the Jacksonian era? American Indians
What was the Indian Removal Act? Forced Indian tribes to move from the Southeast to Oklahoma
What was the forced journey of the Cherokees to Oklahoma called? Trail of Tears
What happened to one-fourth of the Cherokees on the Trail of Tears? They died.
When did the women's rights movement get started? Jacksonian Era
What was the main goal of the women's rights movement? The right to vote
Where did the women's rights movement begin? Seneca Falls, New York
What right did the Seneca Falls Declaration support? Women's suffrage
Who were two of the leaders of the women's suffrage movement? 1) Susan B. Anthony 2) Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Created by: wzuger